You realize as you are making a cup of coffee that you are actually out of milk, and that milk was not on the shopping list you wrote for your partner before they left for work.

You send a text message “real-time”. The text is SENT, and you can see it was received on their phone. However, they do not look at their phone, and for this reason, come home without milk - Sad.  As you can see, and perhaps have also experienced, this issue with this system is that although the text was SENT “real-time”, in order for the message to be RECEIVED and SEEN the recipient has to initiate an action, in this case actually look at their phone.

Because you have no direct control of the grocery list that your partner is holding and using, will have to drink your coffee tomorrow black.  

What if there was a way to instantly and magically make “milk” appear on that grocery list by writing “milk” on the grocery list you were holding?

That is the beauty of reactive systems. Naologic is reactive.  Classic real time software is subject to something that is called “hysteresis”. Hysteresis is the dependence of the state of a system on its history. The term “hysteresis” is derived from ὑστέρησις, an Ancient Greek word meaning “deficiency” or “lagging behind”. It was coined around 1890 by Sir James Alfred Ewing to describe the behavior of magnetic materials.In software, particularly SaaS delivered through the web, because of loosely coupled services and replication delay, some complex objects may not appear to all users and services at the same instant.  

What this means to you is when Mary updates the notes on the Jones file, because of system lag (hysteresis) you don’t see them in time to not ask about his wife, only to hear that they got a divorce last week. This also causes one of the other most common horrors of business software — double entries.  Even more frustrating, this phenomenon can cause the whole system to act “erratically” or even freeze when there are too many users trying to access the same record.

Perhaps you have experienced this as well, and learned that if you call tech support they tell you to relax go make a coffee and “let the system settle.” Frustrating.

⚡️ Naologic is different, Naologic is reactive. Every time data changes one side, it is automatically updated for everybody, without needing to refresh. 🔮Single master data means one truth, no double entry error. No having to hit refresh, no getting locked out.

That’s the beauty of reactive programming.

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