Excel. Love or hate it  —  you are probably using it, today, for work. Yes, you are probably using a suite of other software 💰💻😱  

So, why Excel?  (sorry, Google Sheets)  A quick list of things that you are probably doing with those spreadsheet files:  

  • Manually working with the data. Even if you extracted it “automatically” from another software, you are probably manually editing, selecting or otherwise, cleaning and manipulating the data. For whatever reason, the software that you are using does not have the ability to comb through the data the way you need it to. 🤔
  • Updating old or “current” spreadsheets with new numbers that come from the aforementioned software. Your manager or team is probably waiting for this “updated” spreadsheet to update their staffing or purchasing plans, forecasts etc. Of course, once you send it to them and talk about it, it’s time to guess what — do it all over again. ⏰ 👩🏽‍💻
  • Manually compiling data from multiple sources/ software suites. This is extremely common. Modern business is complex, multiple departments, multiple sources of data that are all interrelated and need to inform each other. 🤹🏻‍

Unfortunately, with your data locked in separate silos, you can’t fully understand it the way you need to. It’s true — Excel does let you compile and manipulate those data points in ways that extremely useful and flexible. It just takes a while. The issue is that you are probably also fearing that you are going to lose your work — mess up a formula or otherwise “muck things up.” Heaven help us if the intern starts messing with around with the rows. 😱

The truth is that the beauty and ease with which excel files can be manipulated is also the ease in which they can be broken. We won’t even get into multiple versions and the difficulties of distributing the “current truth.” 🔮 So with all these issues, again why Excel? In short, it's flexible, it's fast it the sense that you don't need six months, a consultant and development team to add ONE custom field. You can make it excel do what you need it to do— or at least enough…… for now.  Businesses are unique, your business is unique.  After all, it’s called a unique selling proposition, not a common selling proposition.  

Another likelihood is that you and your team have developed over the life of your business multiple spreadsheets that you use to run your business. Timesheets, monthly reports, inventory sheets, customer feedback analysis reports, sales reports, etc. 📆🗂📈📉📊🗄  This is also part of the problem. TOO MANY SPREADSHEETS. You might even feel like you need a spreadsheet to list all of those spreadsheets.😩  

Imagine for one second you LOST ALL OF THEM. 👻  Scary, we know. Just trying to emphasize that we really understand how important they are. They are not “just spreadsheets” — in a sense, they are your business.  Now, imagine instead of spreadsheets you had your own software that was built from those spreadsheets.  All the tools you need in one place.  Plus we give you the ability to manipulate, change these tools when you need to.

No more having to worry about manual exports that seem to create odd duplicates you have to clean later, or making "innovative" use of fields that you otherwise wouldn't use and awkwardly have to untangle when reporting time comes.  Software as unique as Your Business 🦄

Naologic's unique AI framework allows us to rapidly prototype, test and implement custom enterprise solutions to help you manage and efficiently operate your business. By implementing your own custom enterprise solution, you’ll reduce and even eliminate the loss of countless valuable time spent manually entering, reviewing and manipulating the data you use to run your business.  Need it to integrate into your website? Of course you do.  First ask yourself: What are you ultimately trying to do with the website or software? Maybe you want your customers to have more options when ordering or booking online. Maybe you want your resellers to be able to access their account information through your website. If you are considering a website redesign, it is really important to evaluate if the software you are using in your office with is able to work with modern website design — it’s highly possible its not.

We can help. By implementing a custom Naologic built solution we ensure that all your systems are aligned 🔧🔩🔨⚙️, and to are set up for both automatization and ultimately increased profitability. 📊📈 ✨🚀 💫  Benefits you can capitalize on using a Naologic built solution: 📈📉📊 Your Reports, Your Way.  Naologic is fully customizable and built to adjust to your business. No more having to wade through the help trying to figure out that report runner. We start with YOUR spreadsheets.  

🔑 👩‍🚀 Easy access.  Cloud Based means, you and your team members can access valuable data from anywhere, ultimately ensuring that any changes made by authorized staff are immediately implemented and updated.  

🚀 Reactive Data — Not sure what that means? Check out our other article (here) Reactive is beyond “real-time”. The bottom line is that you and your whole team can work together one source of truth — now.

🔮  No downtime, no getting locked out while Bob is working on the Jones file.  Perfection is achieved not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away. Simplify your tech.

⚙️ At NaoLogic we believe in simplicity. Call it tech-elegance.

📱💻 🥂🍾  The data you need where you need it. All the tools you need where you need them.  Cut the noise, clean the slate.  You may find that the majority of those add-on-plug-in solutions you no longer need.  Lower your subscription cost and ease your day to day operations.  Drop us a line —we would love to set up a quick chat [https://www.naologic.com/contact].  Thanks for reading! We are social! are you? 🤠 🚀 come say hi!  Instagram [http://www.instagram.com/naologicerp/]  | Linkedin [https://www.linkedin.com/company/naologic]  | Facebook [https://www.facebook.com/naologic/]