With increasing frequency, companies in need of Learning Management Systems (LMS) complain about system inflexibility and lack of seeming trivial customization and upgrades. A large painpoint is particularly around the fact that no LMS software system provider seems to cater to the fact that doing business in the 21st century is a dynamic journey that requires constant iteration, both to the business, strategy and therefore, of course, to the underlying software powering the system.

In the rare case where system inflexiblity from the software provider is not an issue, an additional, more contemporary issue, is that the system typically is sub-par in terms of user experience, information architecture and user interface.

Through novel development methodologies, artificial intelligence and a fresh line of attack, we, at Naologic, are addressing the issue of systems that don’t change with the business, sub-optimal user experiences and continuous system upgrades.

Through an application suite with well-crafted user experience, both the party whose implementation is underway and their end-user no longer have to settle for software that only solves half the problem for their business and forces them to compromise on their business needs, ability to scale, or user satisfaction.

Further, with a ton of detailed user and platform analytics, service providers have the chance of intimately getting to know their end-users, how they interact with their platform and most importantly, how to optimize the end-experience. Through a fully customizable platform, administrators will be able to amend, update, tweak and add new material, categories and features to the platform without any technical knowledge needed.

Equipped with the ability to continuously refine course structure and material in a dynamic fashion without wait time or dependencies on unwilling third-parties, companies will be able to focus on scaling their business rather than worrying about how to keep it afloat.

As more end-users become active on the platform, Naologic will provide proactive suggestions for how to optimize the portal based on deep analysis and usage patterns. Most importantly, at no extra cost.

Changing the attitude within companies from finding the ‘least-worst’ software solution to finding a truly custom fit is a journey well underway at Naologic, where we throughout 2018 implemented our first LMS systems across the United States and we look forward to changing the outlook of many more companies in need of a Learning Management System in 2019, and beyond.