Import group purchasing contracts and get paid faster

Group Purchasing Organizations (GPO)

Create advanced group purchasing organizations contracts through a fully NDC-optimized application.
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Group Purchasing Organizations (GPO) app details

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Status and overview in one glance

Status and overview in one glance

Glance quickly to stay up to date on which price lists are active, which are paused and which are expired. Edit ongoing campaigns and configure your table just as your organization demands.
Create campaigns in an instant

Create campaigns in an instant

With the ability to create specific, time-based price lists and assign them to products, you have full control over seasonality and cyclical business events and can provide the best possible experience and price at all times, both to you as an organization and to your end-users.
NDC optimized workflow

NDC optimized workflow

Easily migrate your GPO contracts from NDC and other platforms through an intelligent import and matching capability built to make it as easy as possible for you to get up and running fully.