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Naologic vs DSI Cloud Inventory WMS

High-level description

Data Systems International (DSI) in Kansas City offers Cloud Inventory WMS, a warehouse management system designed to maximize efficiency in the warehouse through automation and which can be extended greatly through DSI's Cloud Inventory app store, which features barcoding, consignment inventory, ordering and logistics capabilities, and other capabilities delivered in a modular fashion through its multitude of available apps.

Business impact
What is DSI supply chain?


The days sales of inventory (DSI) is a financial statistic that represents the average time in days that a company takes to turn its inventory, including things that are a work in progress, into sales.
What is DSI Company?


Data Systems International® (DSI) is a digital supply chain platform that has built first-rate Cloud Inventory® and mobile-first supply chain solutions. ... DSI offers a comprehensive range of products that helps firms achieve a competitive advantage.
What is demand/supply integration?


Demand and supply integration is about creating value within and outside the firm at all relational ties, from supply through demand. This occurs via the continual management of market information and business data to provide consumers products/services that are beneficial to them.
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Free lifetime updates
Free lifetime updates
  • Open source design system
  • Automated feature upgrades
  • Templates
  • Security updates
Infrastructure and security
Infrastructure and security
  • SSL everywhere
  • Automated backups
  • Log scanning and alerts
  • 24/7 monitoring