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Naologic vs The Search Monitor

High-level description

The Search Monitor from the company of the same name based in Orlando, Florida does, as the name suggests, as a search marketing intelligence tool based on constant monitoring of organic and paid search listings, as well as geo-targeted marketing and display ads. The Search Monitor monitors its own keywords, keeping a comprehensive library, and targets custom specified keywords as well. Inherent to the Search Monitor's capabilities is the ability to detect violations and protect one's trademarked material, allowing companies to punish abusers and scofflaws wherever they are found instantly, protecting the all important brand. Pricing is highly variable and depends on where and what is being monitored and reported, as well as the vastness of custom keywords a company wants monitored. The simplest Compliance level plan starts at $249 per month and includes SEO and SEM monitoring, SEM compliance monitoring, shopping & PLA monitoring, and geo-targeting. Pricier packages include this and more keywords. The Lighthouse service provides detailed click and spend details organized around verticals and can be added to plans for a price, along with more specific vertical tailoring. The Search Monitor boasts notable clients, and sizable ad agencies who use its services.

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