Kanban boards are used widely and for many purposes. We've done our best to make sure it can be tailored for as many purposes as possible whilst still allowing you to dig deep and use it for your full workflow.

How do I create a new kanban board?

  1. Hover over Productivity in the main navigation and then click Kanban.
  2. You're now in the main kanban table from where you can see an overview of all boards you're a member of.
  3. Select Create new board.
  4. Enter the board name and set a background color or image by selecting one of the preset options.
  5. Click Create board.
  6. You've now created your board, time to enter some tasks and add some team members!

How do I a list inside a kanban board?

  1. When you create a new board, you're taken to a blank new board which which we've already activated the field of your first list name. Simply type the name of your list and hit enter to create it.
  2. For subsequent lists, you'll notice that you always have the option to create a new list by clicking on the add another list to the right of your last already-created list.
  3. You can edit list names anytime by simply clicking on the list-name itself which will make it editable or by clicking on the options icon in the top right corner of each list.

How do I a task inside a list on my kanban board?

  1. To add a task, you must first choose the list within which you want to create the task.
  2. Once you've decided, there are two ways to create a ticket:
    a) Tap add a task at the bottom of each list and start typing the title of the task.
    b) expand the more icon in the top right corner of your list and select add task to list from the dropdown.

How do I move tasks from one list to another?

Simply click and hold on any task to be able to drag it across your board. You can do so as many times and as frequent as you need.

How do I create subtasks within a task?

  1. Click on the task itself.
  2. A larger view has now expanded from which you can add as much detail to your task as you wish.
  3. Identify the section called Subtasks and start entering tasks there.
  4. You can assign owners and due dates to each subask by clicking the icons shown on each subtask row.
  5. You can add as many subtasks as you need (and delete/mark as complete as needed).

How do I invite members to a board who are not a part of my Naologic workspace already?

  1. To invite members to a board outside of your workspace, navigate to the board you wish to invite a new user to.
  2. From the main table view with all your boards, you have the option to invite.
  3. Click that option and either copy the link to the board or enter the email of the user you want to join and we will automatically send an invite link to that address.

Please bear in mind that when you invite new collaborators for a given board, they too will become part of your Naologic workspace with rights to view the Kanban-app and will enter your monthly billing cycle.

How do I invite members to a board who are already part of my workspace?

  1. To invite members of your workspace to a given board, simply assign then a task or a subtask and they will automatically have access to view and edit in the given board.
  2. Another way to add members to the board is to simply copy the board link and have the team member click to join, we will automatically identify that the given user is already part of your Naologic workspace and allow them to join your board.

Can you explain all the options associated with each board I've created?

Board options are found in the board header.

  • Labels: These are set on a board level and can be edited or deleted anytime through this button. Labels help structure your board and could, for example, be assigned on a functional basis such as marketing, sales, design. Labels can be renamed and reassigned to any tag-color you'd like at any time.
  • Background: Customize your overall board background by choosing from the available images and colors.
  • Copy link to board: Share your board with others easily.
  • Board activity: View a feed of all board activity.
  • Leave board: If you no longer wish to be part of a given board.
  • Delete board: Bear in mind that if you delete a board, the board and all its content will be deleted for all board members.

Can you explain all the options associated with each list I've created?

  • Rename list: Rename a list as many times as you want, either by clicking the list title itself or by clicking the rename list option in the list dropdown.
  • Add task to list: Quickly add a task to the top of a list.
  • Copy list: Share your list with others easily.
  • Delete list: Bear in mind that if you delete a list, the list and all its tasks will be deleted for all board members.

Can you explain all the options associated with each task I've created?

  • Labels: The labels you've created for your board can be assigned to each task. To create overall board labels, simply click the Labels button in the board header.
  • Due dates: If your task has a due date, this is where you can assign it.
  • Members: If your task has a specific owner or a set of owners, you can assign them here.
  • Status: Mark any task as either Completed or Blocked.
  • Make a copy: Make an exact copy of a task.
  • Insert cover image: Attach a cover image to any task.

How do I add a comment to a task?

You can click on any task you've created, this will expand a full-screen modal from where you can enter a comment at the bottom of the task.

Who can see comments I add to tasks?

Any board member has access to all tasks, subtasks and comments on the full board.

How do I add attachments to a task?

You can click on any task you've created, this will expand a full-screen modal from where you'll see a section called Attachments. From this section, you can click the + button to attach images or files to your task.

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