Contact Management App

Getting Started

The Contact register is where you store information about every company and private individual with whom you have contact, be they customers or other companies, factoring or leasing companies, sales leads or individuals who work for those companies. Contact records do not necessarily represent companies that have purchased goods or services from your business and in fact can represent any company or person that is a potential customer or supplier.

  • Centralize all your potential customers
  • Quick search
  • Advanced filter with XLSX export
  • Advanced import from XLSX and CSV
  • Add multiple addresses
  • Attach to custom price lists or GPO contracts
  • Enable dynamic taxation by shipping address (US only)
  • Store social profiles and automated interactions
  • Send customized SMS or email to a list of Contacts

How to search for contacts?

  1. Start typing the value of the field you are looking for
  2. Select from the drop-down which filters this applies to
  3. Hit Enter to run the search

You can add as many filters as you need. Start typing in the search box

How to filter contacts?

Advanced Setup Search is multipurpose, allowing you to use it in different ways.

Field Options
Name starts with
ends with
doesn't equal
Phone number Greater than
Less than
Greater than equal
Less than equal
  1. Click the Advanced Search button
  2. Choose the filter type
  3. Enter the value
  4. Click Search

How to export contacts to XLSX?

Apply filters and export data to XLSX and CSV

  1. Click the Advanced filter button
  2. Select the field you want filter by
  3. Select the filter type
  4. Input the value
  5. Click Export Selection
  6. Choose the format: XLSX or CSV
  7. The file download will start

How to import contacts?

  1. Click the Import button
  2. Choose the XLSX file from your computer
  3. Match our fields to the fields in your XLSX file or add new fields
  4. Click Preview to see the data mapped to the new fields
  5. Click Import to finalize the import

How to add a new contact?

  1. Click the Add new Contact button
  2. Complete the contact information
  3. Click Create Contact

How to edit a contact?

  1. Search for the contact
  2. Hover over the contact and click the edit button
  3. Change the information

How to delete a contact?

  1. Search for the contact
  2. Hover over the contact and click the Delete button
  3. Confirm the action
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