There are two types of notifications on Naologic: on-platform notifications and browser push notifications.

On-platform notifications

To access your notification feed on Naologic, simply click the notification icon in the top right corner of your header. You will then see a dropdown with the latest notifications. If you want to view historical transactions, you can click see all which will take you to a view from which you can scroll as far back as you wish to see your notifications.

You will always see unread notifications at the top of your feed with a slightly darker background.

Browser push notifications

This type of notifications has to be enabled directly from your browser and will look slightly different depending on whether you use Chrome, Safari, Edge, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Brave, Tor, Opera or a different browser.

To prompt your browser to enable notifications, simply follow the following steps:

  1. Navigate to your default avatar/profile picture in the top right of the header
  2. Choose Your account
  3. You've now landed on the Profile, to add or change a profile picture, click Notification settings
  4. Choose Enable browser notifications
  5. This will prompt your browser and give you a small dialog that you can to confirm from your browser
  6. You're all set
  7. You can always return to your notification settings to edit your settings

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