Guest user management

The one-stop shop for guest and external user management: Add, edit, change access levels, reset/change passwords, suspend and delete your external users' information here.

How do I manage guest users?

On Naologic, there are many types of guest accounts you can activate for your customers, partners or vendors, depending on which selection of apps you have live in your deployment. Common for all external users though, is the place from which they're managed.

  1. Navigate to your overall workspace settings in the top right corner, next to your avatar/profile picture
  2. From options overview, click User management
  3. At the top of this screen, you'll find a tab called Guest users
  4. Once you've activated the Guest Users tab, you'll be able see all guest user accounts associated with your workspace
  5. Use the table to locate users based on their name, app they have access to, or date they joined, and manage their account from right within the table
  6. You can reset a password and delete/deactivate an account from within the table
  7. That's it, the basics of (guest) user management has never been easier

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