Roles and permissions

Roles is one of the most powerful tools within the Naologic ecosystem. You have a wide range of role-settings available for EACH app you have in your workspace. You can create custom roles across apps as needed for your business.

An example could be for a special summer-intern role-type, for which you'd like to give full creator-access for app A, view-only access for app B and no access at all to apps C, D and E.

You'd be able to a custom role for this specific type and assign that to all your summer interns without having to worry about wrongly sharing data across departments and functions.

How do I create a new role?

  1. Navigate to your default avatar/profile picture in the top right of the header
  2. Choose My account
  3. From the right-hand side menu, click Roles
  4. Click add new role
  5. Specify the name of the role, could be Summer intern 2020 to follow the example from above
  6. Choose a role-tag color
  7. Pick the access level for each individual app for the role
  8. Hit save

You will now see the role appear in the Roles table AND have it available as a dropdown option when you add future users Edit or delete a role anytime, in real-time, and the rights are automatically updated to reflect the change

What are system user roles?

Even though you can create and customize as many user roles as you want on Naologic, we made our best guess at a few user-roles you might need to get you started quickly. Any role where you see a system tag next to, has been created by Naologic to help you get set up. Feel free to ignore the role, to use it, or to make your own version of the role with more advanced controls.

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