Automate your workflow one app at a time

NAO’s backoffice builder is a desktop application we created so that implementation consultants from ERP consulting companies and large IT service providers can create, manage and deploy custom back-office web and mobile applications instantly, without a development team.

Happy employees means happy customers

Great Customer Experience

Exceptional customer experience builds a foundation of loyalty and improves customer retention. People are looking for high-quality products and services at an optimal price.


Deploy business applications across devices as soon as the design is complete to increase operational efficiency.

Multilingual Support

Expand your global reach, increase employee productivity and improve customer relationships through multi-language and multi-currency support.

Data Ownership

Owning your data adds to your company’s long-term value and gives you competitive advantages that are achievable in no other way.

Always up to date

Respond quickly to market changes by adding new features and making the changes your customers need.

Apply AI to your data

You can run machine learning algorithms on your data using our Spark and Pytorch connectors.

High performance data processing

Integrate machine learning, chat-bots and search into your system through our 20+ integrations

Replace your legacy system
Legacy systems that are unscalable and out of tune with your needs as a business can be a huge liability to the future revenue trajectory of your company. Using Naologic's proprietary Backoffice Builder you can design and deploy cloud applications tailored to your business process at a fraction of your current total cost of ownership.