Library overview

Understanding and Using Libraries in Naologic

In Naologic, libraries serve as a crucial resource that can extend the functionality of your projects. They contain pre-packaged code or functions that can be used to implement specific features or capabilities. This article will guide you through the process of finding, installing, and utilizing libraries in Naologic.

Locating Libraries

The first step in using libraries is finding them. In Naologic, libraries can be located on the left side menu, under the 'Libraries' option. By scrolling down, you can explore and select the library you are interested in.

Installing Libraries

Once you have identified the library you wish to use, the next step is installation. When a library is installed, you will see a new set of functions from that specific library whenever you open an action and select 'new function'. This opens up a wide range of possibilities for what you can do with your projects.

Understanding Library Costs

It's important to note that some libraries may carry a cost. If a library does have a cost, this will be clearly indicated before installation. Acceptance of the charge will result in an addition to your subscription cost. This transparency ensures you are fully aware of any implications before proceeding with the installation.

Libraries in Naologic are a powerful tool for enhancing your projects. They provide access to a multitude of functions, helping you streamline your workflow and achieve more with your projects.

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