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Naologic automatically builds AI-powered applications that automate your business and financial operations

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Automated reporting
ERP reporting and sales
Grow existing ERP
build around legacy tools
Inventory automation
with forecasting and AI
Supply chain operations
manufacturing and products
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Use cases

Start from templates, use AI to customize if needed

Build on top of Legacy ERPs and tools
Connect your legacy or internal system to Naologic to combine your data and extend functionality with new modules.
Legacy ERPLegacy ERP
Ecommerce automation
Generate product descriptions and photos through AI, select a storefront template and track sales.
Sales, purchasing and vendor automation
Dive into sales performance with advanced reports and forecasting, maximize ROI with automated follow-ups and alerts.
AI TrainingAI Training
Inventory and Warehouse Optimization
AI-enabled demand forecasting and integrations with the largest external vendors will give you full visibility into your inventory performance.
Warehouse ManagementWarehouse Management
Key customers
Social capital management
Mongo DB
Hugging face
Patronus AI
An AI assistant with full business understanding
Understand your data
An AI assistant with full business understanding
Generate text, descriptions, images or reports with Logic Pilot who is trained on industry trends, company-specific data and always is ready to lend a hand to speed up your work and pull any insight about your own business you might need.
An AI assistant with full business understanding
AI core
Enhance with AI
Enrich your workflow with contextual AI help wherever you need it: Articles, product descriptions, category images, logos, partner assets and more. Enhance with AI will learn your style and preferences and automatically adapt its future style and answers to your tone-of-voice and writing style.
Enhance with AI
AI core
AI Reporting and ML Forecasting
Unlock revenue and demand predictions based on your company’s performance-to-date. Choose from dozens of available AI reports, all ready to be exported, distributed and presented to both internal and external stakeholders.
AI Reporting and ML Forecasting
AI core
AI Experts
Consult with experts who can unlock hidden productivity and insights in your workflow. Discuss sales performance with an AI Sales Director, financial performance with an AI CFO, your best strategic plays for the quarters ahead with the AI Head of Strategy - all able to have at-length conversations and consult with full understanding of your business.
AI Experts
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