One Backoffice to Power Business Success

Create complex internal apps for your teams and connect your legacy systems and data sources, with no-code.

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Building on Naologic

Launch your workspace with ready-made apps in minutes, edit functionality in the Builder

Step 1

Pick and deploy apps

Pick and choose ready-made apps from the Naologic App Store, name your domain and log-in in minutes.
Step 2

Set up Workspace

Invite your team and import any existing data you need to get up and running.
Step 3

Edit apps in Builder

Use the visual drag and drop canvas to edit functionality in existing apps or create new apps from scratch.
Step 4

Deploy new functionality

Just like in a development cycle, after you’re done implementing your new features, take your changes live to your workspace.
The Naologic No-Code Builder

Build fully fledged backoffice apps without coding

Add, edit or remove elements from your workspace apps in an instant - without writing a single line of code

Drag and drop canvas
Drag and drop canvas
Create enterprise-grade apps that automate process workflows, all without a single line of code. Select from over 10.000 pre-built components, drop them on the canvas and create the processes you need.

Once you are done, click build and the code will be written automatically and deployed to your cloud or ours depending on your preference.
Drag and drop canvas
Element Studio
Customize and create forms, tables, kanban boards, lists and thousands of other elements through the element builder. Think Webflow, but for enterprise apps.
Element Studio
100+ app templates as your starting point
Customize AI-generated app templates and add your own features. Then, deploy your updated app on test instances, validate with your team and ship to production - all without any coding.
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100+ app templates as your starting point
Builder personas on Naologic

Serving dynamic startups and enterprises alike

Naologic’s no-code platform powers multiple customer types: Growth-stage companies, digital agencies, enterprises as well as implementation consultants working on behalf of their customers
From pre-seed startups to growth-stage companies
From pre-seed startups to growth-stage companies, Naologic fuels the ability to create all your non-customer facing software.
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Complex internal business processes
Complex internal business processes often result in multi-year ERP implementations… with a 72% failure rate…!
Build your enterprise backoffice
Enterprise Consultants
Enterprise Consultants
Deploy private projects and apps to your clients’ workspaces. Have full creator access to create custom data-models and workflows.
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Marketplace Partners
Marketplace Partners
Create apps, list them in the Naologic App Store and earn from every install.
Build and sell apps on the App Store
Naologic vs. custom development

Coding complex backoffice and enterprise applications is hard


ERP implementation failure-rate


Average increase in original development cost estimate


The size of the average big brand ERP implementation


Of software projects fail due to unexpected complexity arising
Start (no) coding your own backoffice now!
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Out of the box
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