Leveraging the Naologic Workspace Assistant for Effective Querying

The Naologic Workspace Assistant is a leading AI tool capable of heavy lifting on the suggestive and predictive side. Through advanced data processing, this tool provides users with the ability to query their entire workspace or project in the builder to generate insights, reports, forecasts, data models, and text suggestions. This article will guide you on how to use this assistant to its full potential.

Accessing the Workspace Assistant

  1. Identify the Workspace Assistant button in your global navigation and click it.
  2. This takes you to a search interface where you can query your entire workspace or your entire project on your builder.

Using the Workspace Assistant

Once in the search interface, type what you want to search for in your workspace or in your builder. For example, you might want to know your sales performance for the last month. You can tag your query to a specific format that you want as an output and then generate the insight through the "Generate Insights" button.

LogicGPT will craft a response for you and display available search results in a grid below. This grid can contain links to external documents and help center articles, links to dashboards, numbers, PDF reports, and all sorts of other useful insights that directly answer your question.

Instead of manually searching specific apps in your workspace, you can simply ask your workspace assistant about all the data-related, performance-related, and report-related questions you might have. For builders, you can ask questions about the best-performing apps for your industry or use case, which kinds of elements you should be using at a certain moment in time, or how to best tie together an action with an element. Essentially, any question you can think of can be directed to the workspace assistant, whether on the workspace or on the builder.

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