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Creating a Project from a Private Project in Naologic Builder: A Comprehensive Guide

There are times when you might want to create a project in Naologic Builder by importing an existing private project. This approach allows you to get a head start in building your company's back office while leveraging pre-built applications and workflows. In this guide, we'll walk you through the process of importing and managing private projects within the user-friendly Naologic Builder platform.

Why Import a Private Project?

You might consider importing a private project for several reasons:

  • An external Naologic Builder has been hired to build your project, and now you want to take over and maintain it with minor updates without handling the initial setup.
  • You've found a community-sourced project that suits your use case, and the owner has shared specific access details for you to import the project.

Step-by-Step Instructions to Import a Private Project

  1. Identify the Builder tab in the Global Navigation menu and land on the Projects table.
  2. Click Create New Project to open a modal window prompting you to enter the project name and select a template.
  3. Since you're importing a private project, click the Import Private Project option located in the bottom left corner of the modal window.
  4. Provide a new name for the project, then enter the Template ID and Template Password. These details must be obtained directly from the owner of the private project.
  5. Click Create Project to launch your new project with the imported apps and workflows already in place.

Upon successfully importing the private project, you've effectively created a new "branch" of the project that is solely yours. All future changes you make will only be visible within your workspace, and the original project owner will not have access to your updates.

Now that you've learned how to import and manage private projects in Naologic Builder, you can confidently take advantage of pre-built solutions while customizing your company's back office applications without any coding experience required.

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