What is the NDC?

NDC is a leading global provider of both upstream and downstream healthcare supply chain products and support.

What are product variants?

Product variants are variations of the same product by a given parameter. Common examples are size (S, M, L, XL), color (red, white, blue) and more specific product parameters like screen size, type and others.

What is the structure of NDC's products?

Each product has a unique product id and each product has multiple item ids and packaging types. A variant is composed of by using the product description and packaging.

How do I import NDC products to Naologic?

  1. Clone the Google sheet to your own drive
  2. Open the files aimimages.csv and medchain.csv files you received from the NDC
  3. Copy the contents of the medchain file and paste it to the medchain sheet
  4. Copy the contents of the aimimages file and paste it to the aimimages sheet

How does it work?

  • MedChain products have priority over aimsproducts
  • If a medchain product is missing data, we try to get the data from aimsproducts
  • If a product doesn't exist in the medchain sheet, we import it from aimsproducts

Known errors

The browser crashes when the files are too big. Google Sheets tend to break when you import more than 20k rows per sheet

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