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Business process design is a term used to denote a complete overhaul of a company`s crucial business processes. This is the process that has the sole objective of enhancing quantum jump that keeps in check key factors like Return-On Investment (ROI), quality of the services offered, cost and profit margins. Redesigning of these processes focuses on critical processes in the organization. Key processes to be redesigned include manufacturing, sales, customer service and manufacturing. The redesign process is majorly carried out to improve efficiency in operations, reduce costs, and sharpen management skills. This process is measured using simple metrics like profit made.

This process involves technocrats and sometimes consultants since it is very crucial to the organization (Rosemann, 2018)

Scenario: Amazon Selling Books Online

Amazon is one of the biggest webpage-based companies. The company sells millions of books online. The company accomplishes these sales without physical interaction between buyers and the company. One buys books without seeing them with the naked eye. Books are sold using the internet. This is a company that utilizes technology to affect sales. The company however faces numerous challenges. A scenario is given where a customer orders three books from Amazon. The customer buys three books at the same time using the Prime Account. The books are then supposed to be shipped to the customer. It is understood that the buyer received two books instead of three. The buyer later made contact with the customer service, but the remaining book could not be shipped.

Analysis: Amazon is Loosing Customers

Amazon uses a customer service department that is not efficient and therefore needs a redesign. The customer service department is the cause of the loss of customers at this company. A business redesign of this department is therefore necessary. This is needed to ensure the company remains competitive.

The Business Process Redesign

In order to redesign the customer service department, the following considerations were taken into account by Amazon Company. Review of operation, mission, vision; the company reviewed its key objectives. Customer service and satisfaction were one of the core objectives of this company. The company therefore needed the changes. Customers; the company reviewed its customer base and the needs of customers. Determination of how the company delivers value to these customers was done. Business technocrats later determined whether the business needed the intended change or not. Key management tools were used to determine the same. The business set up clear and sound customer service goals and identified areas of improvement. The changes were then effected.

The New Business Process

The business processes in the customer service were reviewed and changes made. The customer service department received and additional staff of 50 employees. These employees were to be in charge of correspondence and channeling complaints to the relevant departments. More back up records were enhanced about customer interactions with the organization. Feedback mechanisms through phone calls and emails were also put in place to ensure customers are served better. The use of tracking numbers on orders was fully given to customers. This was meant to achieve transparency and accountability.

Business Process Success

The following were some of the success factors that contributed to the success of this process.

  • Teamwork
    the IT department together with the customer service department led the process of restructuring the customer service department. The management provided all the requisite resources to carry out this change. The quality department kept the all process in check. It ensured that, all processes conformed to the latest trends in customer service delivery values
  • Satisfactory rewards
    The management took upon itself to reward responsive customer service employees. Rewards were given in line with the theory of positive reinforcement. This is meant to uphold positive value contributions from the customer service departments. The customer service was charged with the sole responsibility of ensuring customers remained loyal to the organization
  • Less bureaucracy
    effecting changes in the customer department at Amazon was enabled by processes that were less bureaucratic. This meant that resources were quickly allocated and all changes approved within the shortest time possible (Vom Brocke, & Mendling, 2018). The human resource department necessitated the process without asking for all the required documentation that could derail the process.
  • Project experts
    consultants were hired from leading business management firms. The experts redesigned the process keeping in mind the financial position of the company. The experts were plan masters and led successfully the redesign process.
  • Resources
    the financial, human, and capital resources were adequately provided to ensure the process ran smoothly. Resources were adequately utilized until the process was fine-tuned.

Process constraints

The redesign process however faced some challenges. The following are some of the challenges that were encountered;

Heterogeneity of the process team

the process involved a vast number of experts from various fields and departments. The management could not properly integrate people, resources, and the process in harmony. The management was rigid in some instances and derailed the spirit of coordinated efforts Mendling, et al. 2018).

Vague methodology

the process of identifying constraints in the system was carried out by the finance department. This department does not have the requisite skills in customer service. This meant that the bottlenecks identified were half baked in nature.

Employee commitment

the customer service department was not quick in adapting to the changes. The training was needed to conform to the new systems of customer service.

Focus on short term gains

Amazon Company was key to ensure; it does not lose its customers to competitors. The company was not interested in establishing a long-lasting customer service department that will serve the Company for a long period of time.

Room for improvement

The following are some of the actions that the Company should take to ensure a sound customer service department is installed.

Management commitment

the management should ensure extensive research is done to ensure a new customer system does not fail. Management should allocate enough resources to ensure this is carried out (Mendling, et al. 2018).

Employee empowerment

customer service employees should be empowerment to carry out changes on their own without the involvement of the management.


the customer service should ensure they communicate constraints to the management in time to ensure the required processes are carried out.


The business redesign process is a step by step process and should be carried out with the help of experts. It is meant to make sure that bottlenecks in the business process are eliminated. Amazon Company carried out the restructuring process in the customer service department to ensure it does not lose its customers to competitors.

The elimination of redundant processes ensures the operations are efficient. Businesses restructure their processes to become competitive and minimize costs in running the business (Sikdar, & Payyazhi, 2014).