Build or sell business management solutions

The Naologic no-code platform empowers certified partners to build and sell custom business management solutions to their own customers in days not months.

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Jennifer Cho, Deloitte
Enterprise Consultant
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Mark McManson, Infosys
Marketplace Partner
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Taylor Hanson, PwC
Enterprise Consultant
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Jared Dolich, Retailitix
Enterprise Consultant
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Heather Johnson, Capgemini
Marketplace Partner
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Mark Miller, KPMG
Enterprise Consultant
Partner types

Build, extend and sell partner solutions with Naologic


Referral Partner

Referral Partners recommend to a potential customer the use of our platform for a specific project. Naologic acts as the dedicated technology partner and handles the negotiation, implementation, and deployment of the client. We will help you build your Naologic-based services practice with access to technical training, sales, and marketing resources.
  • Receive sales support
  • Access to private documentation
  • Quarterly payouts
  • Free demo accounts

Consulting Partner

Consulting Partners might be business consultants, consulting firms, or digital agencies who advise and collect initial requirements from clients. The Consulting Partner can collaborate directly with Naologic in the implementation, or Naologic can manage the entire lifecycle of the project.
  • Sales materials and technical support
  • Transparent pricing
  • Quarterly payouts
  • Manage customer relationship

Technology Partner

Technology partners implement entire projects on behalf of their clients and use Naologic’s Builder to do so by customizing existing app templates or building new apps from scratch.
  • Free proof-of-concept projects
  • Early access to new features
  • Quarterly payouts
  • Manage implementation and customer relationship

Technology Publisher Partner

Technology Publisher Partners build apps, template projects, and Builder functionality which is published on the Naologic Marketplace (pending approval) and available for installation directly in the Builder.
  • Publish to our Marketplace
  • Automated revenue share
  • Access to early features
  • Access to all connectors
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The process of becoming a Partner is straightforward
Step 1

Screening call

During a 60-minute video call, we walk you through the Builder
Step 2

Learn the Builder basics

Receive a trial account and start building
Step 3

Receive Partner status

You receive your Partner status approval 5-7 days after finalizing your test use case build.
Step 4

Start earning

Start selling!
Featured integrations

Naologic’s Builder architecture is compatible with a wealth of integrations and connectors to sync your data across platforms. View all

Additional partnership types

Have more specialized partnership needs?

We have additional partner program types for businesses who want to build their SaaS business with No-Code and for educators who want to include Naologic in their course material
Become a Company Partner

Build your own SaaS

Industry experts can build Software-as-a-Service platforms for their small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) customers.
  • No need to hire developers
  • Up-and-running instantly
  • Constant updates on feedback
  • Get paid instantly
Become a Company Partner
Become a Partner Educator


For educators who run individual courses, entire classes, creative and technical online universities and certified corporate training who want to include Naologic in their curriculum and teach No-Code to their students and clients.
  • Access to learning resources
  • Free accounts for students
  • Revenue share for referrals
  • Webinars and Training material
Become a Partner Educator