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Our partner program for system integrators, digital agencies and consulting firms help customers find the right solution to fit their business needs.

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Jennifer Cho, Deloitte
Enterprise Consultant
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Mark McManson, Infosys
Marketplace Partner
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Taylor Hanson, PwC
Enterprise Consultant
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Jared Dolich, Retailitix
Enterprise Consultant
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Heather Johnson, Capgemini
Marketplace Partner
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Mark Miller, KPMG
Enterprise Consultant
Becoming a Naologic Implementation Partner

We’re proud to partner with many of the world’s leading experts to bring digital transformation to our customers.

Step 1

Screening call

During a 60-minute video call, we walk you through the Builder, understand your use cases and needs and verify whether there’s a fit.
Step 2

Learn the Builder basics

Receive a trial account and start building out your demo use cases on the Naologic Builder, with assistance from Naologic Expert Builders.
Step 3

Receive Partner status

You receive your Partner status approval 5-7 days after finalizing your test use case build.
Step 4

Start earning

Create unlimited demos for your customers, build private apps without commission and earn a percentage of any license you sell.
Apply to the Partner Program

Welcome to the Naologic Partner Program!

Naologic’s partner program will have you implementing customer solutions in 7 days. In addition, you’ll receive ongoing training across the Naologic portfolio and extensive support to ensure that all your customer engagements are a success!
Enterprise Consultants
Enterprise Consultants
Add Naologic to your existing software stack, create private apps with no commission for your customers and synchronize data with SAP, Oracle, Anaplan and more.
Enterprise Consultants
Marketplace Partner
Create marketplace applications for the Naologic Marketplace, and receive 70% of user revenue for the given application.
Some key stats from the Builder ecosystem

How companies and professional implementers are using the Builder currently

14 million lines of code

Generated by the Naologic AI… every month!

7600 hours saved

Across Naologic Partners using our demo-based sales process.

0% commission

On private apps

$1,314,121 in partner payouts

So far
Featured integrations

Naologic’s Builder architecture is compatible with a wealth of integrations and connectors to sync your data across platforms. View all