Self-service application development with no-code

Naologic offers a completely visual, no code application platform that helps small- and medium-sized businesses build or customize their own marketing, sales, operations, HR, training or purchasing applications. All without a single line of code

Close deals faster in the remote sales world

20x faster than traditional development, all without even hiring coders

We've built the core apps and done the heavy-lifting, you plug in the functionality specific to your business and just like that: Apps unique to your company
All your data in one place
App templates
50+ app templates ready to customize based on your own business processes.
All your data in one place
Drag & drop interface
A full-stack visual no-code app builder from where you can develop web apps in a sleek UX.
All your data in one place
App marketplace
Create, publish, and monetize your applications on the Naologic app store.
All your data in one place
Free lifetime updates
Benefit from endless system, infrastructure, security, design, performance and feature updates directly from Naologic forever, at no cost.
All your data in one place
Automated deployment
Public and private cloud automated CI/CD deployments on Kubernetes infrastructure with horizontal scaling, automated backups, rollbacks and monitoring.
All your data in one place
Process design
Edit the processes behind Naologic's core apps, deploy them on test instances, validate with your team and ship them to production, without any coding.
All your data in one place
Fixed subscription
No hidden fees, no contract lock-in period, just a fixed monthly subscription.
All your data in one place
One-page builder
A smart-form interface, perfect for technical sales, customer support, program managers and product design to build and launch apps without technical knowledge.

Saving 121 hours of data entry monthly for funds who use Naologic

Powerful process and relationship management. Automations for productivity and marketing. Granular insights for every investment and fund

Scale your business by building internal, partner and customer apps

Close ERP deals faster
Employee enablement and productivity
Empower your employees to do their best work using custom applications. Having the right set of tools matter.
Feature delivery in minutes not weeks
Improve cash flow efficiency
Save on operational expenses by automating key parts of your business process.
Create your own apps 20x faster
Collaborate and scale
Create self-service apps for your vendors to improve collaboration and serve more customers.
No more complicated RFPsNo more complicated RFPs
Less money spent on software
Reduce your number of software subscriptions and replace them with a single subscription on a single platform, saving you money and unifying your data.
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Naologic's no code Builder compared to in-house and ERP software development

Developing and maintaining your software in-house or through an ERP-provider is expensive and prone to errors and delays
Custom deployment 6-10 months 14-18 months Immediate
Development team 6-15 engineers 25-50 engineers None
Life time code updatesSecurity-onlyn/a For everything
Code debtYesYes No
Data and source code ownershipNoYes Yes
API accessNo n/a Yes
Machine learning readyExpensive Depends Free