Create your backoffice all without a single line of code

Build your non-customer facing apps without the need for software developers in a visual drag and drop interface.

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Benefits of Naologic’s no-code platform

20x the speed of traditional development

…All without hiring coders. We've built the core apps and done the heavy-lifting, you plug in the functionality specific to your business and just like that: Apps unique to your company
All your data in one place
App templates
50+ app templates ready to customize based on your own business processes.
All your data in one place
Drag & drop interface
A full-stack visual no-code app builder from where you can develop web apps in a sleek UX.
All your data in one place
App marketplace
Create, publish, and monetize your applications on the Naologic app store.
All your data in one place
Free lifetime updates
Benefit from endless system, infrastructure, security, design, performance and feature updates directly from Naologic forever, at no cost.
All your data in one place
Automated deployment
Public and private cloud automated CI/CD deployments on Kubernetes infrastructure with horizontal scaling, automated backups, rollbacks and monitoring.
All your data in one place
Process design
Edit the processes behind Naologic's core apps, deploy them on test instances, validate with your team and ship them to production, without any coding.
All your data in one place
Fixed subscription
No hidden fees, no contract lock-in period, just a fixed monthly subscription.
All your data in one place
One-page builder
A smart-form interface, perfect for technical sales, customer support, program managers and product design to build and launch apps without technical knowledge.
Chapter 1


Business process management
Business process management
Empowering business professionals to draw processes on a flow chart, improve them automatically using AI and collaborate in real-time across teams.

Find and fix process bottlenecks using the process performance dashboard and stay up to date with market trends, regulatory changes, and the post-covid workplace.
Artificial Intelligence
Connect to industry-leading AI services, run training models without a data science degree.
Chatbot coder for your users
Emma the Chatbot empowers your users to make instant changes to forms, tables, dashboards and deploy them in real-time as well as to add new apps to the platform.

Create permissions in the drag and drop tool on what your users can change using the Chatbot integration.
Chapter 2


Drag & drop builder
Drag & drop builder
Create enterprise-grade apps that automate process workflows all without a single line of code. Select from over 10.000 pre-built components, drop them on the canvas and create the processes you need.

Once you are done, click build and the code will be written automatically and deployed to your cloud or ours depending on your preference.
AI-powered search engine
The AI-powered search tool will always return the best components or apps to use depending on the workflow you are building by indexing over 200 parameters about your business and what other users have successfully used in their business process.
Language-aware smart auto-complete
Our NLU engine offers process suggestions as you build out the forms based on what you type. It gets even better with time as it learns what you use most, what works best for your business, and what the needs of your customers are.
Share what you build
Once you’ve built an app, new component, or workflow, you can share it with, the Naologic community and sell it to other businesses or choose to keep it private within your company.
Multi-language and multi-currency
Most businesses are international by nature in 2021, so all our systems are optimized for multi-language support. Integrate over 200 currencies and enable automated currency exchange based on price lists or price sources.
Chapter 3

Business intelligence

Crowdsourced suggestion engine
Crowdsourced suggestion engine
By analyzing thousands of business processes, use cases, usage patterns, and financial results from across millions of deployments, we are able to suggest the best workflows for your business.

Use our drag & drop builder to further customize all your forms, tables, dashboards, and reports.
One-page builder
Describe your use case on one page and we’ll build the best enterprise-grade backoffice for your particular use case. Use the guided form and suggestions to pick the best apps and integrations and be up and running in minutes without a single line of code needed.
Consultant friendly
If you qualify as a professional ERP consultant, you can manage customers, drive implementation initiatives, train your customer’s IT departments and assist them using the collaboration tool. Your time is recorded and billing is done automatically.
Chapter 4


Sell the components you build
Sell the components you build
If you are a professional developer, you can sell components on our Components Marketplace. Every time another creator uses them to build their own apps, you get paid.
Sell the apps you build
The apps you build can be sold on our curated App Store. Every time a customer subscribes to your app, you get paid a monthly subscription.
Curated marketplace
Every app or component goes through a review to ensure maximum quality, safety, and performance. Our team will guide you through the improvements needed before publishing to the marketplace.
Chapter 5


AI connectors
AI connectors
Connect your favorite machine learning platforms like Tensorflow or Apache Spark and run training models through the scheduler or data stream.
Service connectors
Jam-packed with 200+ service connectors for Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud, Ali Cloud, and others. Everything you need from OCR document processing to satellite imaging.
Data connectors
Connect to your favorite databases like PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Snowflake, ElasticSearch, etc directly and use the data directly in Naologic.
API integrations
Sync your data to other popular enterprise solutions like SAP, Netsuite, Anaplan, and more than 100 others. Out of the box, Naologic will connect to nearly anything with a REST API.
No-code friendly
Create events using Zapier, connect data to Retool, or build a front-end website in Webflow, whatever no-code you love, you can integrate with.
Chapter 6

Technical power users

Virtual IDE
Virtual IDE
Build your own events or components to handle custom requirements using our virtual IDE using Javascript, Typescript, and Angular. You get smart suggestions when you code, 1000+ examples to choose from, automatically generated unit tests, and security scanning.
Automated data modeling
Data models are created automatically to work with the forms you create. For more advanced workflow you can use the data modeling tool to customize them yourself. All schemas have migration functionality to minimize data loss.
Backups and rollbacks
Schedule backups as often as you like and roll back the deployment whenever you make a mistake. All backups are stored on our cloud and all data is backed up automatically.
Manage old and new versions of your workflow, test them separately and deploy to production the best one. Great for debugging and running complex experiments. See side-by-side comparison.
Generate test data
Each data model supports test data generation so it’s much easier to collaborate on complex applications, find errors before they happen, and test before releasing them.
Event-driven coding
If you are a professional developer, writing events is just like writing serverless functions but a lot more organized, and everything is connected together using event loops which makes it easier to share and understand.
Deploy to your own cloud
Connect your AWS, Google, or Ali Cloud credentials and we will deploy a Kubernetes cluster where we can host all your workloads. Deploy in specific regions to comply with data harbor requirements.
Deploy ML workloads
Every process you draw has an AI-ready data schema from day 1. Start training models whenever you are ready.
Chapter 7

Become a BOB expert

Learning center
Learning center
Our self-paced online content is accessible to all customers, partners, and students. Whether you are new to BOB or just checking out the newest features, browse the video library, take the quiz and stay up to date with the latest.
Create your first app
Check out the quick guides library in the drag and drop builder interface so you can learn quickly the most popular use cases like creating a new app, adding a new workflow, or modifying an existing process.
Become a certified BOB expert
Our self-paced online content is accessible to all business process professionals. Get access to our development sandbox and learn how to build advanced functionality.
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Add, edit or remove elements from your workspace apps in an instant without writing a single line of code.

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