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Naologic vs BizNet Software

High-level description

BizNet Excel Suite connects you to your data and gets you the answers you want all within Microsoft Excel. Examples of some Boardroom Ready Reports you can achieve easily with BizInsight: -General Ledger Level Reports -Monitor Inventory -Track Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable -Get a handle on Sales and Purchase Orders, Buyers and Suppliers The product also enables you to automate your periodic financial reporting processes. BizInsight creates a real time connection to your databases for live access enabling the most accurate and current data in Excel-based spreadsheets. According to the vendor, better than standard query-type integration, BizInsight delivers actual Excel functions that understand your tables and other applications. BizBroadcast provides an automated way to publish selected worksheets and workbooks to specific individuals in multiple formats, including Excel, CSV, HTML, and PDF. Content Architect empowers the end user to create your own BizInsight functions to any of your data, enabling you to deliver a complete, custom ad-hoc reporting solutions.

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Free lifetime updates
Free lifetime updates
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Infrastructure and security
Infrastructure and security
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