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Naologic vs IBM Cloud Object Storage

High-level description

IBM Cloud Object Storage makes it possible to store practically limitless amounts of data, simply and cost effectively. It is commonly used as storage for web sites and mobile applications, data archiving and backup, enterprise file services, and analytics. Flexible storage class tiers with a policy-based archive lets users effectively manage costs while meeting data access needs. The integrated Aspera high-speed data transfer option makes it easy to transfer data to and from Cloud Object Storage, and query-in-place functionality supports running analytics directly on users' data.FeaturesStorage classes. Effectively manage costs while meeting data access needs. Storage class tiers are available for active (Standard), cool (Vault), cold (Cold Vault) and dynamic (Flex) dataArchive. Apply an age-based archive policy to move objects from any storage class to long term, lower-cost storageResiliency options. Meet availability and resiliency needs. Options include Cross Region, Regional or Single Data CenterIntegrated Aspera high-speed data transfer. Quickly transfer data to and from IBM Cloud Object Storage with no cost for data ingressQuery-in-place. Run analytics directly on data at rest using IBM SQL QueryData durability. Designed for 99.999999999-percent data durabilityEncryption. Leverage server-side encryption. Optionally manage encryption keys or use IBM Key ProtectIdentity and Access Management. Manage access control using role-based policies

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