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Naologic vs CoreIMS

High-level description

CoreIMS™ is an inventory management system. CoreIMS delivers real-time inventory information in support of better management practices and improved customer service, according to the vendor. All CorePartners products, including off-the-shelf Inventory Management Solutions, support by barcode scanning and printing.Receiving and Shipping: Receiving and shipping operations are tracked in CoreIMS with receiving, shipping and transfer orders. All inventory operations support serialized and non-serialized items, optional expiration and receiving dates, transaction history tracking, and user-defined custom fields. Storing: Inventory in CoreIMS is associated with a location within a Site (physically or logically speaking). Pallet and/or container organization is supported within locations. Authorized users are allowed to change item location as well as receive (create) or ship (delete) inventory from locations. Individual stocks in CoreIMS may only be assigned singular attributes of location and status, so at any particular time, only one location and only one status may be assigned. Reporting: CoreIMS reporting capabilities allow users to create reports from existing database fields. The CoreIMS reporting tool is based on Crystal Reports. There are over 50 reports available. Also, CoreIMS allows users to specify a schedule for automatic report generation and to send reports via e-mail. Reports may be exported to XLS, PDF, DOC, and HTML formats.

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