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Naologic vs Crownpeak Digital Quality Management (DQM)

High-level description

DQM is specifically designed for multi-site, enterprise environments and works to automate key governance processes - ensuring the consistent application of content quality and regulatory compliance standards across your global digital touchpoints. The platform comes with compliance monitoring capabilities, and covers everything from SEO, user experience (UX), mobile web, and accessibility requirements. It is also customizable enabling precision monitoring of your company's unique brand and business rules and content localization requirements. Designed to work with any CMS, the vendor says that Crownpeak's platform makes quality assurance seamless. It integrates directly with existing publication workflow, enabling digital marketers and content professionals to test and optimize their work in both pre- and post-publication environments.

Business impact
What is Crownpeak used for?


The Crownpeak platform gives solutions to manage your digital experiences. Digital Quality Management that interfaces directly with your web content management system using it's CMS API. Utilize the DQM Data API to monitor your sites, integrate with current tools and mix the data with other solutions.
What is digital Quality Management?


Digital Quality Management is an automated solution that monitors your website to guarantee it's constantly compatible with accessibility regulations, SEO best practices, user expectations, and your brand requirements.
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Free lifetime updates
Free lifetime updates
  • Open source design system
  • Automated feature upgrades
  • Templates
  • Security updates
Infrastructure and security
Infrastructure and security
  • SSL everywhere
  • Automated backups
  • Log scanning and alerts
  • 24/7 monitoring