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Naologic vs CyberStockroom

High-level description

CyberStockroom (CS) provides online inventory management and control software for small businesses with special emphasis on growing multi-location businesses. According to the vendor, the service is designed from the ground up to be simple and user-friendly and requires very little training to set up and go live. According to the vendor, what sets CS apart is a powerful "Map-based" approach to inventory management that intuitively allows users to check in, check out or transfer products between multiple locations and sub-locations using an easy-to-use drag and drop interface. Users can build up their maps to look exactly like their business to simplify their day to day operations. Using a map also allows users to visualize the distribution of any of their products across all their locations and sub-locations making it a very engaging and robust way to keep an eye on product levels and to reorder when necessary. CS is built with the non-technical user in mind. Inventory management can be daunting and difficult and CS guides the user and translates all the technical inventory jargon into the everyday terms they are familiar with when running their business.

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Free lifetime updates
Free lifetime updates
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Infrastructure and security
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