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Naologic vs Dragon Metrics

High-level description

Dragon Metrics is the SEO platform from the Hong Kong based Egg Company meant for multinational businesses or agencies with multinational clients looking to reach customers in Asian markets who use search engines less known in the west (most particularly Baidu, the leading search engine of China), or any search engine; the ability to learn from behavior across search engines is touted as a prime reason to use Dragon Metrics. Beyond this, Dragon Metrics boasts highly customizable and styled dashboards and reports to increase the approachability of global SEO data presentations. Unsurprisingly, keyword translation is included in this global SEO suite's capabilities, as well as more mundane keyword analysis, and typical features like backlink monitoring, rank tracking with conversion tracking as well, competitive analysis, and alerts to stay abreast of changes, and more. Published pricing begins at $99 with the Starter pack and climbs over several tiers to the pinnacle Enterprise pack ($999) with common features to all the sets, only far higher usage limits, more concurrent campaigns and controlled access for users deployed across campaigns, as well as more and more Baidu research. A 30-day free trial is available.

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