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Naologic vs Dupli Checker (

High-level description

Dupli Checker (or just is a free plagiarism checker (supported by the site's ads) and SEO check (e.g. keyword density, etc.) tool suite.

Business impact
Is Dupli Checker legit?


Overall. As a free tool, Duplichecker is a wonderful resource. Our own studies have found that it gives as excellent a detection rate as Copyscape Premium and that alone is a good enough incentive to use it. That said, Duplichecker is not the be-all and end-all of plagiarism detection.
What is Dupli Checker?


Duplichecker is a plagiarism checker application that may discover instances of duplicate content. It analyzes the internet for the same lines, phrases, or paragraphs you've got on your website, and leads you to external URLs that have the same content.
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