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Naologic vs Linkody

High-level description

Linkody is a search engine optimization software solution offered by

Business impact
What does a lost backlink mean?


Backlinks: Capture Them All! No data will slip through your fingers anymore! ... Now you're able to filter fresh backlinks (those that were found less than a month ago and are notated in the color green) or lost (meaning the link or the entire page was removed, and notated in red).
What is lost links?


Inbound Links (backlinks) - An incoming link from a page on another website back to your own site. ... Lost Links - Links which were not detected when our index attempted to recrawl them from your current backlink profile. When our crawler went back to that page, the link was no longer there.
How do I check backlinks manually?


How to identify and check backlinks?
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Free lifetime updates
Free lifetime updates
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Infrastructure and security
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