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Naologic vs O3Spaces Composer

High-level description

O3Spaces Composer is a cloud-based or local-hosted document creation and collaboration service. The O3Spaces Composer enables business users to create and distribute high quality, personalized, business-critical documents. Furthermore, Composer offers ISV’s, system integrators and service providers, highly integrative document creation services. O3Spaces is written in Java, and based on the Tomcat server with a PostgreSQL backend (other databases are also supported). O3Spaces works by providing users a single web-based team environment, with built-in search capabilities and an optional Desktop Assistant. Its search functionality is said to work across PDF, ODF, and Microsoft Office document formats. Currently Firefox, Internet Explorer and Safari are supported. O3Spaces products, O3Spaces Workspace and O3Spaces Composer, are available through a one-time license purchase or on a monthly basis for a cloud subscription hosted on O3Spaces’ private cloud or Amazon Elastic Cloud 2.

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Free lifetime updates
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Infrastructure and security
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