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Naologic vs Panzura

High-level description

Panzura is a fabric that transforms cloud storage into a global file system, so enterprises can use the cloud as a high performance, globally available data center. Panzura's global cloud file system aims to empower organizations to work collaboratively across multiple sites, using one authoritative data source and providing automatic real-time file locking, immediate file consistency and local-feeling file performance to every user regardless of location or number of sites.The vendor states Panzura's data fabric allows companies to de-duplicate and consolidate data, achieving up to 70% reduction in overall unstructured data storage footprint. Panzura uses immutable data snapshots to provide data durability without replication. These immutable snapshots are impervious to ransomware and provide a granular point-in-time ability to restore files, folders or even the entire file system, replacing existing backup and disaster recovery processes.Panzura supports enterprises when they:Need to replace legacy NAS systems at multiple sitesAre tired of managing multiple data sets and backupsNeed immediate data consistency at all locationsHave teams in multiple locations that need to work collaborativelyUse applications that are especially prone to latency, such as Revit, Solidworks and other CAD applicationsNeed to transfer large files fastRun critical legacy applications that won't read cloud-based files without re-writeWant data resilience without having to replicate data

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Free lifetime updates
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Infrastructure and security
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