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Naologic vs RankWatch

High-level description

RankWatch is the eponymous search engine optimization platform from the company based in India with personnel in the UK as well. RankWatch boasts a rather sizable host of users, marketing agencies in 100 countries, with its straightforward SEO tools offering of rank monitoring and keyword analysis with SERP data, site audit, competitor study, and backlink analysis, all visible from the "CEO/Agency" dashboard. Local SEO, alerts, and the requisite white label reporting are featured as well. A small business may purchase RankWatch for $29 per month with the M plan, while a small agency may take advantage of white-label reporting with the $99 per month L plan. If you need a bigger t-shirt and more keywords, as well as an account manager, the XL plan can be had for $449 per month. Or custom tailor your plan, as you like. Discounts are available for buying 6 months in advance or 1 year in advance.

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Free lifetime updates
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