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Naologic vs sales-i

High-level description

sales-i is sales performance software. The vendor says that it was created to remove the typical ‘scattergun’ sales approach of many salespeople, to level the sales playing field and make every account call more personal and profitable.With sales-i, sales professionals can clearly identify and target high-quality opportunities within their current customer base. According to the vendor, it integrates seamlessly with the user’s existing ERP system, and removes the reliance on manual data analysis, spreadsheets and notes. Additionally the vendor says their intuitive sales performance solution empowers salespeople with instant alerts to any changes in customer behavior and the ability to drill down to a granular level of detail in a few clicks to identify top selling products, additional selling opportunities, worst performing product groups and much more. The vendor also says sales-i automatically tracks the user’s customers , telling them what they bought last, what they haven’t bought but, more importantly, what they SHOULD be buying.

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Free lifetime updates
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Infrastructure and security
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