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Naologic vs Salesforce Einstein Analytics (formerly Wave Analytics)

High-level description

Salesforce Einstein Analytics is a cloud-based business intelligence solutions and analytics service from San Francisco-based software company, Salesforce. It provides users with automated data discovery, CRM-connected analytics, top-down views of data, augmented analytics, predictive insights, and customizable data visualization tools. Einstein Analytics allows users to explore data quickly and easily by providing AI-powered analytics while working in Salesforce, its CRM management offering. Manage your datasets, query data with Salesforce Analytics Query Language (SAQL), and customize dashboards, all programmatically. In addition to offering pre-built apps for Sales, Service, and Marketing, the Einstein Analytics Platform provides: Customizable intelligent analytics apps, including templates, dashboards, and widgetsUtilization of Einstein Analytics APIs and SDKs for improving appsConnection to outside data sources to see all data in one placeBuildable widgets for summarizing dataBuilt-in data visualization features

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Free lifetime updates
Free lifetime updates
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Infrastructure and security
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