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Naologic vs Site Analyzer

High-level description

Site Analyzer aims to help companies get ahead of the competition by improving their online visibility and ranking in search engines. The vendor says they provide tools that are reliable and rich in data to give companies the best possibility of optimal search engine optimization.This SEO platform offers the following tools: Rank Tracking Track your Google rank everyday with Site Analyzer. Monitor keyword moves in all languages for local and national searches, as well as the keywords of your competitors. Page Analysis Get a full analysis of a page based on several criteria such as design, performance, SEO, content, and accessibility. Site Crawl Discover any website issues affecting your search engine optimization and fix them with the help of the priority to-do list. Backlinks analysis Quickly get a whole list of outgoing links directed towards a domain with useful metrics such as Domain Influence and Spam Rating. Keyword Research Discover new keywords to optimize for improving your online visibility and understand their search volume, CPC and level of competition.

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Free lifetime updates
Free lifetime updates
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Infrastructure and security
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