Action function libraries

Working with Action Functions in Naologic: A Comprehensive Guide

Action functions are critical elements in Naologic that represent data. These functions allow you to add specific functionality to your apps, making your project more dynamic and user-friendly. This guide will walk you through the process of accessing and managing these action functions in Naologic.

Accessing Action Functions

  1. Enter any project and access the app flow. In the app flow, you will notice numerous types of nodes and elements that are already installed and live for this app.
  2. Identify the actions and click 'Edit'. This will open a form for your action.

Working with Action Function Libraries

  1. To work with action function libraries, click 'Add New Function' or select an existing function to enter that menu. Here, you'll find all the available action function libraries.
  2. You can filter these functions by type, such as system hooks, sales functions, and data validation functions. You'll be able to see the corresponding function for each type.
  3. Select the function you want to use. Most functions are freely available. However, some functions do carry a volume price tag.

Understanding Pricing

  1. If you use extremely high volumes of calls to certain external connectors, some of these connectors may incur a charge, which will be automatically billed to your workspace every month. However, unless there is an explicitly stated 'premium tag', this pricing does not apply.

In conclusion, understanding and leveraging action functions effectively can significantly enhance the functionality of your Naologic projects.

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