Competitors to Naologic in the Document management space

Document management subcategories

Google Drive

Google Drive is a cloud file storage, synchronization, and collaboration platform and service, that features Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides for document editing and presentation.

Planview Projectplace

Projectplace is a collaborative work management solution. The vendor says the product is built with teams of all sizes and complexity in mind, from virtual teams of five to entire global enterprises with tens of thousands of active users. It is also designed to incorporate waterfall and agile workflows.

Adobe Acrobat Reader DC

Adobe Acrobat DC is the current version of the well-established document / PDF management solution, part of the Adobe Document Cloud (the other part being Adobe's eSign services based on technology acquired with EchoSign in 2011).

Atlassian Confluence

Confluence is a collaboration and content sharing platform used primarily by customers who are already using Atlassian's Jira project tracking product. The product appeals particularly to IT users.


Evernote is a suite of software and services designed for notetaking and archiving. A "note" can be a piece of formatted text, a full webpage or webpage excerpt, a photograph, a voice memo, or a handwritten "ink" note. Notes can also have file attachments. Notes can be sorted into folders, then tagged, annotated, edited, given comments, searched and exported as part of a notebook. Evernote supports a number of operating system platforms (including OS X, iOS, Chrome OS, Android, Microsoft Windows, Windows Phone, BlackBerry, and webOS) and also offers online synchronisation and backup services.

Apple iCloud

Apple iCloud is a document management software offering from Apple. It includes features such as access to music, photos, calendars, contacts, and documents, and it is built into every new iOS device.


PDFelement is a document management solution from Wondershare Software headquartered in China.


Laserfiche has two main editions: Rio and Avante: Laserfiche Rio is designed to meet the needs of large organizations that have more than 100 users. It combines content management functionality with business process management (BPM), security and auditing, unlimited servers and a thin-client interface. Add-ons include records management functionality, public Web portals and production-level document capture and processing. Laserfiche Avante is an ECM suite for small to medium organizations with fewer than 100 users. It combines content management with workflow tools that automate business processes. Built on the Microsoft platform, Laserfiche Avante allows users to drag and drop e-mails from Outlook® into Laserfiche.

FoxitPhantom PDF

FoxitPhantom PDF is a document management software offering from FoxIt.

Conga Composer

Conga Composer is a solution that helps organization is designed to help organizations streamline the creation and distribution of Salesforce reports. The solution can be used to generate invoices & receipts, proposals and quotes.


Esker offers their eponymous document automation platform, for paperless ordering and billing, and accounts payable / accounts receivable (AP / AR). It can be delivered as a cloud offering (as Esker on Demand), or on-premise (as Esker DeliveryWare).

Nitro Productivity Suite

Nitro Productivity Suite combines electronic signature and general PDF editing, from Nitro, Inc. It is built around capabilities such as getting approvals and esignatures in seconds and sharing and reviewing documents from anywhere.


Hubdoc, a Xero company since the 2018 acquisition, is a bill management software solution, allowing users to capture and sync bills, receipts, bank statements and related documents to the user's preferred accounting software (e.g. Quickbooks, Xero, etc.).

Conga Collaborate (formerly Octiv)

Conga Collaborate (formerly Octiv or TinderBox) is a web-based solution that helps sales and marketing teams streamline their presentation, proposal, and contract processes. With Conga Collaborate, users can create and collaborate on sales content, track real-time prospect activity, and refine your content while maintaining brand consistency.


NetDocuments is a document management solution from the company of the same name in Lehi, Utah.

Kofax Capture

Kofax Capture is a suite of multichannel document capture applications.

Kofax PaperPort (formerly Nuance)

Kofax PaperPort (formerly from Nuance) is a document management software offering. It includes features such as desktop document management solution and allows you to manage and organize your documents in one solution.


PaperTrail is a document management software offering from Egis Software. It includes features such as storage and retrieval find any document instantly and routing and workflow streamline processes with automated routing and a rule-based workflow.

iManage Work

iManage Work is a document management solution formerly known as HP Worksite. iManage was divested from Hewlett-Packard in 2015 and is now an independent company, headquartered in Chicago.

Vasion (formerly MaxxVault), by PrinterLogic

Vasion (formerly MaxxVault) is a document management solution now from PrinterLogic (acquired November 2019) designed to enable organizations to digitize content and automate workflows to drive compliance, scalability, and accountability. The SaaS platform aims to give users a seamless experience across Print, Scan/Capture, Workflows, and Content Management, with open APIs for simple third-party software integration.

Worldox GX4

Worldox GX4 is a document management software offering from World Software Corporation. It includes features such as document and email management solution and managing, sharing, and accessing digital content across media.

Adobe Experience Manager Forms (formerly LiveCycle)

Adobe Experience Manager Forms (formerly LiveCycle) is designed to make it easy to create and publish forms for any device. With its machine learning and AI-fueled feature, Automated Forms Conversion, users can modernize forms at speed.


GlobalSearch is a document management software offering from Square 9. It includes features such as anywhere access to your documents and full feature editing.

Docuware Cloud

Docuware Cloud is a document management software offering from DocuWare. It includes features such as scalability and cloud document management.


DocLink is an integrated document management system from Altec headquartered in Laguna Hills, California.

Thomson Reuters HighQ

HighQ Collaborate, now from Thomson Reuters (acquired 2019) is a cloud-based enterprise collaboration platform, featuring secure file sharing but also means for sharing documents with users outside the enterprise, as well as a user-interface optimized for mobile devices and intuitive interface, with real-time communication.


ActiveDocs is a document management software offering from ActiveDocs.

LawLogix Guardian

LawLogix Guardian from Hyland is a document verification solution for I-9 and e-verification, emphasizing security, accuracy, and an audit friendly recording of events.


GLOBODOX is a document management and control system from Indian company ITAZ Technologies.


SOHODOX is a document management system for small businesses from Indian company ITAZ Technologies.


PaperSave is a document management software offering from PaperSave. It includes features such as document management and electronic workflow and transaction (invoice and gift) automation solution.


Sfax is a document management software offering from Scrypt Corporation. It includes features such as the ability to securely send, receive, annotate, digitally sign and manage faxes to eliminate manual processes and paper along with military-grade encryption to minimize the risk of exposure and prevent a breach.

IBM Datacap

IBM® Datacap helps users streamline the capture, recognition and classification of business documents and extract important information. Datacap supports multiple-channel capture by processing paper documents on scanners, mobile devices, multi-function peripherals and fax. It uses natural language processing, text analytics and machine learning technologies, to automatically identify, classify and extract content from unstructured or variable documents. The software can reduce labor and paper costs, deliver meaningful information and support faster decision making.


KwikTag is a document management software offering from ImageTag. It includes features such as allowing users to hack through repetitive, manual tasks and document clutter and automate document and data workflow. and Additionally, KwikTag allows users to intelligently organize paper and electronic documents to inform business decisions and deliver instant auditability from a web browser or within Microsoft Dynamics ERP..

ABBYY FineReader

ABBYY headquartered in Moscow offers FineReader, a pdf editing software designed to allow enterprise users to convert, edit, share, and collaborate on PDFs and scans in the digital workplace.

O3Spaces Composer

O3Spaces is a optional cloud-based or local-hosted document creation and collaboration service. O3Spaces is written in Java, and based on the Tomcat server with a PostgreSQL backend (other databases are also supported).

Gimmal Records Management

Gimmal Records Management, from Gimmal in Houston, is designed to provide a comprehensive compliance, information governance, and records management software for digital workplaces.

Document Locator

Document Locator is an enterprise content management system that allows users to capture, manage, share, and secure information within the organization. This includes electronic documents, images, email messages, and other computer files, as well as scanned paper documents. Virtually any Windows-based file format, electronic file, or converted paper document can be managed within the system. The solution integrates with Windows, Office, Adobe, and AutoCAD applications.

Ephesoft Transact

Ephesoft in Irvine delivers Smart Capture technology on a private or public cloud platform designed to turn unstructured content into actionable information. From mortgage applications to invoices to insurance claims and beyond, the vendor states Ephesoft Transact makes quick work of processing so users can move faster. Ephesoft Transact uses supervised machine learning to automatically recognize different document types and layouts, then extract the relevant data from them. The vendor provides that their customers use Ephesoft Transact to automate document-based business processes, improving accuracy, increasing productivity and reducing costs.

Conduent BlitzDocs

BlitzDocs, from Conduent is presented as a secure cloud-based document management platform designed to help users process documents, speed review times, ensure compliance and give borrowers the ability to stay informed throughout the process with 24/7 mobile and web access. BlitzDocs Extended Edition complements a BlitzDocs eFolder to create an electronic portal through which third parties can access, view and perform required actions, such as eConsent and eSignature, or eAcknowledgement.


Sqrl is a document management software offering from Sqrl. It isdesigned to eliminate the time, profitability and patience lost gathering information from and following-up with clients..

OpenText eDOCS

OpenText eDOCS is presented as a light-footprint, cost-effective and highly-flexible enterprise content management (ECM) solution for Legal, Corporate Legal, Public Sector and Professional Service organizations and corporate law departments. eDOCS aims to ensure sensitive work product is securely managed throughout the content lifecycle, while remaining easily accessible for day-to-day operations, to enable users to deliver exceptional enterprise content services to their clients.


Contentverse is document management software from Computhink in Lombard, IL, a company specializing in enterprise software available as a local-hosted solution or cloud-based solution (as Contentverse Cloud).


RicohDocs is a document management software offering from Ricoh India Ltd.. It includes features such as can be easily cloned, accessed and preserved and can be securely stored.

PostScan Mail

PostScan Mail is a document management software offering from PostScan Mail. It includes features such as view mail and manage mail.


edocr is a free digital publishing platform from Accusoft, that allows businesses to share content, enhance SEO, and generate leads.


Idox EDRMS is an electronic records and document management system from UK-headquartered company Idox.

iManage Records Manager

iManage Records Manager provides a central interface to manage both physical and electronic records. Administrators can set governance policies, including trigger events, retention periods and disposition rules, as well monitor and enforce compliance on both records and non-records. iManage, headquartered in Chicago, was divested from Hewlett-Packard in 2015 and formed as an independent company; the product known as iManage Records Manager was formerly Worksite Records Manager.


FileTrak is a document management software offering from Codafile Software. It includes features such as database management and query wizards.

gDoc Binder

gDoc Binder is a document management software offering from Global Graphics Software Limited. It includes features such as organizing binders into digital libraries and the ability to share and publish notes online.


SmartDocs is a sales proposal automation software solution offered by ThirtySix Software.

gDoc Creator

gDoc Creator is a document management software offering from Global Graphics. It includes features such as a fast and easy way to convert over 30 document formats including word, excel, powerpoint to pdf and xps and the ability to convert from Microsoft Office formats (including Outlook)..

I-9 Advantage

I-9 Advantage is a document management and compliance software solution.


CogniDox is document management software for internal departments and project teams to help automate document-centric processes and find information. It is used extensively for quality certification (ISO 9001, ISO 13485) and information security.

Ideagen PleaseReview

PleaseReview is a sales proposal automation software solution developed by PleaseTec, acquired and now supported by Ideagen since 2017.

Skyhatch Datarooms

Skyhatch Datarooms are specifically designed to ease due diligence pains experienced when running high-stakes deals involving external parties.They are virtual datarooms with innovations in workflow.


Saydoc, from the small company of the same name headquartered in Brooklyn, New York, is a document management tool.


SMARTworks is a document management software offering from Taylor Communications (formerly Standard Register). It includes features such as channel marketing and a customer communications management solution.

Ricoh Content Manager (formerly DocumentMall)

Ricoh Content Manager (formerly known as DocumentMall) is a cloud-based document management system from Ricoh.

Redtail Imaging

Redtail Technology in Gold River, California offers their Imaging software, a document management solution dedicated to storing, sharing (securely) and backing up images.


FileBRIDGE is a document management system developed by Archive Systems, which was acquired by Access Information Management in December 2015.

DocuVantage OnDemand

DocuVantage OnDemand is a document management solution from Document Advantage Corporation in Tampa, Florida.

eQuorum ImageSite Suite

eQuorum Corporation offers the ImageSite Suite, a document management system.


docGenix is a document management option from Innodata.


DynaFile is a cloud-based document management system from the company of the same name in Colorado.


CI Technologies (also known as CICAD Technologies) in Vancouver offers MakeNOTE, a document management solution.

Ademero Content Central

Content Central is a document management software offering from Ademaro. It includes features such as search & retrieval and forms processing.

OneSource DigitalPaper XE

OneSource DigitalPaper XE is a document management system from ePlus headquartered in Herndon, Virginia.


Cabinet SAFE is a document management system to support a paperless office.


MetaViewer is a document management software from Metafile Information Systems.


DocuPhase is a browser-based forms and document management-oriented workflow automation software from the company of the same name (formerly iDatix). The solution features DocuPhase Progression, which the vendor states allows users to integrate, design, execute, manage and ultimately transform a business with automated workflows.

Dokmee Capture

Dokmee Capture is a document capture software for scanning service bureaus, centralized scanning departments within large corporations, or companies looking to convert a large backlog of files, from Office Gemini headquartered in Houston.


Doccept is a document management software offering from Kensium Solutions. It includes features such as browser-based deployment and intuitive interfaces.

Sword AchieverPlus

Sword Achiever (of the Sword Group) offers AchieverPlus, is an enterprise quality management software offering from Sword Group.

iAnnotate Enterprise

iAnnotate Enterprise is a document management software offering from Branchfire. It includes features such as managing your organization's mobile workflow and configurable access to sharing features and remote document storage, all without touching personal data on-device.

OptiView Document Management

OptiView is a document management solution from Advanced Processing & Imaging.


eBridge is a document management system from the company of the same name in Tampa, Florida.


Treeno Software in New Hampshire offers their eponymous platform for document management.


Meridian is an ALIM and Engineering Information Management software. It is now part of the Accruent IWMS offerings since Accruent acquired asset lifecycle information management software platform and company BlueCielo in November 2017 to expand its global footprint and enhance the engineering and site data management capabilities of its IWMS suite. Meridian is available via the cloud (Meridian Cloud) or on premise (Meridian server) and extensible with Meridian Analytics.

CSI Document Services

Computer Services, Inc (CSI) headquartered in Paducah offers their Document Services for banks, which can combine electronic document delivery and distribution (e.g. eStatements, the CustomerConnect advertising service, etc.), managed print, as well as document storage and archiving.

iDoc Content and Records Management

HTC Global company CareTech Solutions offers the iDoc Content and Records Management system, an image and document capture application supporting health care, higher educaftion, and other industries.


CartaHR is a cloud-based document management and record store solution designed to support complex HR departments managing high turnover or multiple job sites, from Access Information Management.


Apex CoVantage headquartered in Herndon offers IZAAC, a document and archive digitization tool for converting library collections and resources from physical to digital.


HGComply is an HR document governance platform from HireGenics, an American CyberSystems company.

Netlink DMS

Netlink Software Group headquartered in Wisconsin offers the Netlink Document Management System (DMS).


Computer Services, Inc (CSI) offers CenterDoc, a cloud-based document management system exclusively for banks.

TeraText Document Management System (DMS)

Leidos offers the TeraText Document Management System (DMS).

MasterControl Regulatory Excellence

MasterControl Regulatory Excellence is a full-featured regulatory information management (RIM) solution that streamlines and accelerates global registrations and submissions processes so products can reach more markets sooner.

Conduent AgileFlow

Conduent offers records management with the AgileFlow suite. The suite includes AgileFlow Records Manager, an integrated records management system for recorders, clerks, archivists and assessors. AgileFlow SuperSearch is its integrated web-based search engine that provides both full text and index searches, navigators to narrow down searches, email delivery of selected documents and a shopping cart with credit card payment option. AgileFlow can also include document processing and eDelivery services.


cune-RDMS is a regulatory document management system from Cunesoft headquartered in Munich.

Oracle Primavera Submittal Exchange

Oracle Primavera Submittal Exchange, part of the Primavera product suite, is offered as a secure, online system for electronically exchanging, reviewing, and archiving design and construction project documentation.


AVEVA NET is a web-based Information Management solution for engineering and operations. It brings together information from multiple sources and in multiple formats to enable users across the business to securely access, visualise, validate and collaborate on the Digital Asset data. AVEVA NET automatically extracts and maintains tag-to-tag, tag-to-document and document-to-document relationships to provide efficient navigation of the Digital Asset and aid information discovery. It's search capabilities are designed to deliver fast, effective location of project information.


ShareBase from Hyland is an enterprise file-sharing product designed to provide secure, cloud-based sharing while ensuring organizations retain ownership and control over all its information. ShareBase improves collaboration by allowing users to edit files directly within a file's native application, with each saved change creating a new document version in ShareBase and giving all users with the appropriate permissions access to document versions alongside each file. With chat features for commenting, ShareBase tracks related conversations and allows users to subscribe to notifications as they collaborate on content. Email Digest also enables users to receive a summary of most recent notifications via email. Additionally, ShareBase provides an uneditable activity trail leading to improved insight throughout collaboration as well as improved corporate security.

Hyland Document Filters

Hyland’s Document Filters is an SDK that helps software developers embed rich document processing functionality into applications. The vendor states that with it, apps can be made to reliably identify over 550 file formats without relying on the filename extension, identify and inspect contents of packaged, archived, compressed, and other container files, and determine the true nature of content, ensuring that source information is accurately identified for filtering.

Pype Closeout

Pype Closeout is construction software that provides a single portal for closeout document collection, management, and compilation into a digital turnover package. The vendor states that by automating trade partner outreach, subcontractors receive timely and specific notifications to submit documents. With reporting that is updated in real time, Pype Closeout works to ensure contract compliance, helping users get paid faster. Autodesk acquired Pype in July 2020.

NeoLedge DocFactory

DocFactory is presented by NeoLedge, headquartered in Lille Cedex, as an all-in-one electronic document solution featuring centralized scanning, conversion, capture and export of any document, as well as electronic signature functions.

Pype eBinder

Pype eBinder allows construction project teams to compile turnover documentation into a dynamic PDF with a clickable table of contents, search functionality, and customizable slip sheets, producing a polished PDF turnover file. Pype was acquired by Autodesk in July 2020.

Earth Class Mail

Earth Class Mail headquartered in San Antonio offers virtual mailboxes and virtual addresses in the U.S., allowing customers to take their postal mail paperless. The service includes mail scanning, automatic check deposit, and cloud integrations. The vendor's own HIPAA-certified technicians turn paper mail and documents into high resolution, searchable PDFs that integrate with other cloud-based applications. They state customers can use the service to deposit checks, pay bills, and share documents online — all without ever touching an envelope.


CentricMinds is a suite of Digital Workplace applications from the company of the same name in Melbourne, covering Intranet, Document Management and Enterprise Social Networking.

a3doc cloud

a3doc cloud is a cloud-based document management system for law firms, from Wolters Kluwer.

Wolters Kluwer Expere

Expere from Wolters Kluwer is a centralized compliance document system designed to seamlessly serve multiple lines of business and channels, providing a complete set of tools for creating, managing, integrating, testing and deploying documents. The solution is available in the United States.

Wolters Kluwer PaperlessPLUS

Wolters Kluwer offers PaperlessPLUS, a digital document management solution designed to streamline digital file sharing and securely store confidential files. The vendor states users can electronically store sensitive client documents for easy access, without compromising security. The solution is available in the United States.

Wolters Kluwer TeamDocs

Wolters Kluwer offers TeamDocs, software that aims to streamline document collaboration and review. Users can invite people to access a document, make changes, add comments in the text and decide whether to accept or reject suggested edits from others, and give users a comparative summary with a single click. TeamDocs is primarily available across continental Europe in Germany, The Netherlands, France, Spain, and is also sold in the UK.

OpenText Intelligent Capture (formerly OpenText Captiva)

OpenText Intelligent Capture, formerly OpenText Captiva, is an enterprise capture platform, providing omni-channel capabilities for collecting everything from scanned paper to chatbots. It is not just for organizing content at the front door, but automating processes across the enterprise. It can automate processes for standard documents, such as Financial Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable, or complex documents, such as contracts or partner requests that require action based on the document’s content.

OpenText Application Content Management (formerly ApplicationXtender)

OpenText Application Content Management (formerly ApplicationXtender from EMC, acquired by OpenText in 2017) is designed to allow users to transform paper and digital content into application-ready information.

Iron Mountain Inventory Management and Reporting (Iron Mountain Connect)

Iron Mountain's Inventory Management and Reporting solutions are records management tools designed to allow users to securely and easily access and manage your records online. One tool, Iron Mountain Connect is an online customer hub that helps manage records and information. The tool can be used to place orders, run activity reports and access inventory data—anytime from anywhere. Through a secure online hub, users can link to the features they need to manage their offsite records and shred programs as well as their assets in escrow.

idsDoc Software

IDS in Draper provides documents through customized software which is supported by select employees with backgrounds in the financial and computer science industry, along with additional legal counsel and data processing departments to keep up with necessary changes of legislature and customer demands. A web-based software solution for document preparation, idsDoc gives users the control to create initial disclosures and closing documents to suit preferences or needs.

PeopleDoc by Ultimate Software

PeopleDoc, headquartered in New York, offers their HR Service Delivery suite, providing HR document management and tracking, and HR case management, among other features.

MasterControl Manufacturing Excellence Solution

MasterControl headquartered in Salt Lake City offers their Manufacturing Excellence Solution, a paperless manufacturing documentation management solution including Electronic Batch Records (EBR), Electronic Device History Records (eDHR), equipment calibration and maintenance document tracking, and product documentation such as recipe and variant management.