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Managing Back Office Interface Containers in Naologic

In Naologic, the Back Office Interface container is a type of frontend container that is compiled as an Angular app, based on the configurations you set in the builder and the modules you add. This article explains how to work with these containers, their relationship with the backend, and the importance of API keys for data access.

Understanding Back Office Interface Containers

In the 'Containers' tab, you'll find a container type called 'Back Office Interface'. This represents a frontend container that will be compiled as an Angular app, according to the configuration you set in the builder and the modules you add. Like all frontend containers, a Back Office Interface container must be connected to the backend to receive data.

Connecting Frontend Containers to the Backend

To facilitate data access, all frontend containers, including the Back Office Interface, require an API key to access the backend. If there is no API key present, you need to navigate to your main admin system and create one. This key is essential for the container to access data, perform authentication, and display all the applications you have installed.

By default, the Back Office Interface you use will already have a generated API key, allowing it to access the data and perform the necessary functions.

Working with Back Office Interface containers in Naologic provides you with the ability to customize your frontend, connect it with the backend, and manage data access through API keys. Understanding this process allows for more efficient and secure project management.

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