Business logic apps

Understanding Business Logic API in Naologic

In the Naologic platform, Business Logic API represents backend applications written in Node.js. These applications are deployed in their individual containers, contributing significantly to data handling and system functions in your project. This article will provide a comprehensive understanding of Business Logic API, their role, and the functions they perform in your project.

Business Logic API: The Backbone of Your Project

Business Logic API applications are accessible from the 'Orchestration Containers' section on the left side menu. Each API gets its own URL, and it's worth noting that multiple frontend applications can connect to a single backend.

The Business Logic API serves as the hub for data requests validation and holds the connection to the database. It also interfaces with all other external APIs and performs all the system functions, making it an integral part of your project's infrastructure.

Default and Multiple APIs in a Project

Every project in Naologic comes with a default API. However, the platform offers the flexibility to have multiple APIs within each project. This feature can be useful when managing complex projects requiring diverse functionalities.

Services Offered by Business Logic API

The Business Logic API hosts all the services necessary for actions performed from connectors, including authentication, security scanning, and other essential services. This makes it a central component of your project, ensuring smooth operation and secure data handling.

In summary, understanding and effectively managing Business Logic API applications in Naologic is crucial for efficient project operation. They form the backbone of your backend infrastructure, handling a range of functions from data validation to system operations.

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