Accessing and Understanding Project Information in Naologic

Being able to access and understand project information is critical for effective project management in Naologic. This includes details about your workspaces, last published dates, and available global updates. This article provides a detailed guide on how to access and comprehend this information.

Steps to Access Project Information

  1. Identify the project that you wish to access from your project overview.
  2. On the left side of your canvas, locate the 'Add Elements' option represented by a large plus sign and click on it.
  3. In the vertical menu that appears, select the 'Information' option located within the 'Project Options' group.
  4. Inside the 'Project Information' tab, you can see various details about your project. These include:
    • The status and URL of your live workspaces.
    • When the workspaces were last published.
    • The status of your workspaces that are currently in draft.
    • Information on any available global updates that can be applied to your project.

Global updates can be thought of as operating system upgrades. These are improvements Naologic has made to global components, including enhanced safety and security, bug fixes, or any other globally applicable updates. Applying these updates carries no risk to your users and will only serve to improve the stability and performance of your apps.

By understanding how to access and utilize project information in Naologic, you can ensure you are effectively managing your projects and taking advantage of the platform's capabilities.

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