Node relationships

Managing Node Relationships in Naologic

Understanding and managing node relationships is a crucial part of any Naologic project. This aspect of project organization ensures the smooth functioning of your project's elements and their interconnections. This guide will provide you with a step-by-step walkthrough on how to establish and remove relationships between nodes in your Naologic project.

How to Manage Node Relationships

  1. Identify the project that you wish to edit from your project overview and click on it. You will then be taken to the project overview canvas.
  2. From the project overview canvas, identify the app you want to edit. Hover over the node of the app and locate the 'Access App Flow' option. Click on it.
  3. You will now be presented with a full app view, including all its associated elements and the relationships between these elements. For instance, you might see navigational tabs with two tables tied to it.
  4. To establish a relationship between two nodes, click and drag from one node to another. As you drag, you will notice that the potential drop zone for a new node will either turn blue/purple or red.
  5. If the drop zone turns blue/purple, it indicates compatibility, and you can connect these two nodes. If the drop zone turns red, this means the nodes are incompatible and cannot be connected.
  6. If you wish to delete a relationship between two nodes, identify the connecting line between them and press 'Command + Delete' on your keyboard. This action will remove the relationship between the nodes.

By effectively managing node relationships, you can enhance your project's organization, making it easier to navigate and understand your project's structure.

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