Private project sharing

How to Privately Share a Naologic Project

Naologic offers the functionality to privately share your entire project, including all apps and flows contained within it. This feature can be incredibly useful for situations such as client handovers and workspace customizations. However, it's important to recognize the potential risks associated with this functionality, especially when dealing with external entities. This article walks you through the process of private project sharing and highlights its potential benefits and risks.

Sharing Your Entire Project

If you wish to collaborate on not just individual apps and flows but the entire project, navigate to the project you want to share. Here, you have the option to share credentials by email. This action generates an email directly to the email address you input, inviting them to create a new project based on the current state of your project.

Risks and Benefits

While private project sharing is a powerful tool, it carries potential risks, particularly when sharing with other companies and external individuals who you don't know very well. Without appropriate commercial agreements in place, there could be unintended consequences.

However, when used responsibly, this feature is an excellent tool for client delivery handovers and for customizing a workspace for a user or customer, before handing it over for them to operate.

As with any powerful tool, it's essential to use private project sharing judiciously. Doing so can help you foster better collaborations, streamline client handovers, and create more customized user experiences.

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