File management

Mastering File Management in Your Naologic Workspace

Efficiently manage and integrate files across your workspace apps.

File management is an essential part of your Naologic workspace, where you can manage various file types such as videos, images, audio snippets, and documents. To access and utilize the file management feature, follow these steps:

  1. Go to your top global navigation and access the More tab. Hover over the More tab until you see File Management.
  2. Click on File Management. You will be taken to the file management table, where you can view and manage all your available assets and files.
  3. To create a new file, locate the Create New File button at the top of the table and fill out the required information about the file in the form.
  4. Complete the upload by actually uploading the specific file and hitting Save. Once you have saved a file, it will be viewable in the file table with a status of "Awaiting Approval."
  5. Before a file becomes available throughout your entire workspace, it will need to be approved as an asset. Once approved, it will be accessible from other apps that reference your file manager app.
  6. Inside the file picker, you will have all the available files that have been approved and can be inserted into the app you are working on. File pickers are contextual and will appear in some apps and forms, while in others, they may not be present. It depends on the specific needs of the app in your workspace.

By mastering file management in your Naologic workspace, you can efficiently manage and integrate various file types across your workspace apps, ensuring seamless collaboration and streamlined workflows.

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