User management

User Management in Naologic Workspace: A Comprehensive Guide

User management is an integral part of the Naologic workspace. It allows you to effectively manage workspace members, guests, teams, and active invites. This feature, typically available to admin and super admin roles, is crucial for maintaining an organized workspace. This comprehensive guide will delve deeper into the details of user management in Naologic workspace.

Full Workspace Users

In the Full Workspace Users tab, you can view user details such as name, email, role, status, account creation date, and last login date. You can create new users by clicking on the "Create New User" button and filling in their first name, last name, email, role, and password.

To manage user options, hover over a user in the table and click on the "Options" button to access a dropdown menu with customization controls, including:

  • Renaming a user
  • Customizing user access (changing user role)
  • Changing the user's password
  • Locking the user's screen remotely
  • Logging out a user
  • Deactivating a user (suspending the user while preserving their data)
  • Deleting a user (removing the user and their access)


The Teams tab allows you to manage internal teams, create new teams, and define team settings. You can view the team name, creator, status, and number of users in the team from the team's table. To create a new team, click the "Create New Team" button and define the team name, members, team lead, and whether the team requires approvals. If approvals are required, specify the primary and secondary approvers.

You can view the team's profile by hovering over the team row in the table. From the profile, you can see the team members in a table and access core settings for the team.

Team options, available when hovering over a team, allow you to:

  • Reactivate a team (restoring access and rights)
  • Deactivate a team (revoking access but preserving data)
  • Delete a team (removing access and references to the team)

Invited Users

The Invited Users tab offers an overview of pending invites in your workspace. To invite new team members, go to your global navigation bar and click on your logo or avatar, then click on "Invite People." Fill in the first name, last name, email address, and access level for each new user you want to invite. You'll be charged a pro-rated amount for each user added, billed on your next subscription payment.

You can cancel invites or resend them if the link has expired from the user management invited workspace users table. Once an invited user accepts the invite, they will appear in either the workspace users table or the guest table, depending on their role.

Guest Users

Guest users have limited access to specific documents or apps within your workspace. You can manage guest users from the central Guest Users tab. Invitations to guests are sent from within each app, and you can locate the "Share" function within apps that support guest users.

After sharing access by providing the guest user's email and name, the guest user will receive an email with a registration link to sign up as a guest on the workspace. Guest users will appear in the Guest Users tab, but they might only have access to individual documents within apps or to specific apps.

By carefully managing user roles and access, you can maintain an organized and efficient workspace using Naologic's user management features.

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