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Understanding Sales Orders in Naologic

Sales orders are crucial for managing the order processing and fulfillment in your business. In this article, we will discuss how to create, manage, and track sales orders in Naologic, enhancing your order processing and customer experience.

Accessing Sales Orders

To access sales orders:

  1. Find the "Sales" tab in the top navigation and hover over it.
  2. Identify "Orders" and click on it to land on the orders table.

Orders can appear in the table when a quote is converted, or when you manually create a new order. The columns in the sales order table include sales order number, account name, status, order date, total, total including tax, invoice status, shipping status, salesperson, created on, and created by.

Creating a Sales Order

To create a new sales order:

  1. Click the "Create New Order" button at the top of the table.
  2. Fill in the sales order basics.
  3. Associate order items with the order.
  4. Specify the shipping method.
  5. Identify the order payment terms.
  6. Attribute sales and order financials to it.

When you're satisfied, click "Create Order," and it will be available in your table. Sales orders can also be created when a sales quote is converted to an order, either manually or if your customer accepts a quote.

Sales Order Statuses

Sales orders have different statuses:

  • Pending approval: The order is waiting for your approval.
  • Approved: The order was approved.
  • Processing: The current order is processing.
  • Completed: The order is complete, fully delivered, and invoiced.
  • Cancelled: The order was cancelled.
  • Backordered: A new order was generated from an existing order that didn't have all the necessary items.

Managing Sales Orders

After creating a sales order, you can access additional options by hovering over the order, identifying "Options," and clicking on it. From here, you can:

  • View the order: See the order details in a PDF format.
  • Send an email: Share the order with your customer via email.
  • Edit the order: Make changes to the order details.

Processing Sales Orders

When an order has a status of "Processing," you can:

  • Generate an invoice: Create an invoice for the order.
  • Mark it as received: Indicate that the order has been received by your customer.

When an order is marked as "Completed," it will automatically be converted to an invoice and show up in your invoices table as well.

By understanding how to create, manage, and track sales orders in Naologic, you can streamline your order processing, improve communication with your customers, and enhance their experience with your business.

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