Shipping Methods and Active Shipments in Naologic

Managing shipping methods and active shipments is crucial for a seamless order fulfillment process. In this article, we will cover how to access shipping settings, create and manage shipping methods, and track active shipments in Naologic to streamline your order management.

Accessing Shipping Settings

To access your shipping settings in Naologic:

  1. Locate the "Sales" tab in your global navigation.
  2. Hover over the "Sales" tab to reveal the drop-down menu.
  3. From the drop-down menu, select "Shipping."

Once inside the shipping settings, you will see two tables: Active Shipments and Shipping Methods.

Shipping Methods

The Shipping Methods table allows you to create, manage, and update shipping methods associated with your company that you can attach to your sales orders.

Adding a New Shipping Method

To add a new shipping method:

  1. Locate the "Add New Shipping Method" button at the top of the table.
  2. Fill in the shipping provider and specify the shipping method name.
  3. Click "Create Shipping Method" to save the new method.

After creating a shipping method, it will be available in the Shipping Methods table, where you can manage and update it as needed.

Active Shipments

The Active Shipments table provides an overview of all current shipments in progress. This helps you track the status of your shipments and monitor the fulfillment process.

Monitoring Active Shipments

Keep an eye on the Active Shipments table to stay informed about the progress of your shipments. This allows you to:

  • Track the status of each shipment.
  • Identify potential delays or issues.
  • Communicate updates to customers as needed.

Regularly monitoring active shipments ensures you maintain a smooth order fulfillment process and provide excellent customer service.

Effectively managing shipping methods and active shipments is essential for a seamless order management and fulfillment process. By understanding how to access shipping settings, create and manage shipping methods, and track active shipments in Naologic, you can optimize your order fulfillment and enhance customer satisfaction. Follow these steps to ensure your shipping processes run smoothly and efficiently.

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