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Understanding Sales Statuses in Naologic

In Naologic, each element of the sales process has its own set of statuses to help you manage your sales workflow effectively. In this article, we will explore the different sales statuses for sales quotes, orders, invoices, return orders, and credit memos, providing you with a clear understanding of each status and its purpose.

Sales Quote Statuses

  • Open: The quote was created and is awaiting acceptance.
  • Sent for Approval: The user sent the quote to the customer for approval.
  • Accepted: The prospect accepted the quote.
  • Rejected: The prospect rejected the quote.
  • Expired: The quote automatically expired and is past its validity date.
  • Cancelled: The system user cancelled the quote.
  • Completed: The quote was transformed into an order and is now completed.

Sales Order Statuses

  • Pending Approval: The order is waiting for workspace user approval.
  • Approved: The order was approved.
  • Processing: The current order is being processed.
  • Re-processing: The order is being re-processed due to changes.
  • Complete: The current order is complete, fully delivered, and invoiced.
  • Cancelled: The order was cancelled.
  • Backordered: A new order was generated from an existing order that did not have all the necessary items associated with it.

Invoice Statuses

  • Unpaid: The invoice has not yet been paid by your customer.
  • Paid: The invoice has been fully settled and paid by your customer.

Return Order Statuses

  • Pending Approval: The current return order is awaiting approval from your customer.
  • Approved: The current return order is approved.
  • Processing: The current return order is being processed, and no other action can be taken at this point.
  • Complete: The current return order is complete.
  • Cancelled: The current return order is cancelled.
  • Rejected: The return order is rejected.

Credit Memo Statuses

  • Paid: The credit memo was paid out.
  • Unpaid: The credit memo has not yet been paid.

For a detailed breakdown of how each status works within their applicable sales app, visit the corresponding help center article for that specific app. By understanding these sales statuses, you can effectively manage your sales process, track progress, and ensure a smooth workflow within Naologic.

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