A Comprehensive Guide to Managing Teams in the Naologic Workspace

Managing teams is an essential aspect of Naologic workspace, allowing you to group your users into their respective teams, such as content, sales, or regional sales teams. This process helps in assigning team-based access rights and configurations, enhancing workspace organization and efficiency. In this guide, we'll walk you through managing teams in Naologic and explore the various features available.

Accessing and Managing Workspace Teams

  1. Locate your top global navigation and click on the workspace settings in the top right corner.
  2. From workspace settings, find the user management category.
  3. Within user management, click on user management to access the user management table.
  4. In the user management table, locate the second tab called "teams" and click on it to access the internal teams table.

Creating a New Team

  1. Find the "create new team" button at the top of the team management table and click on it.
  2. Fill in the required details, including the team name, team members, and team lead.
  3. Specify whether the team requires approvals. If so, select the primary approver (usually the line manager) and secondary approver (typically an executive).
  4. Click "create" to finalize your new team.

Managing Team Options and Details

  1. Hover over your team in the team's table to access more options and details.
  2. Click on "view team profile" to see high-level information about the team and its members.
  3. Access team settings to edit team details, add new members, primary approvers, secondary approvers, or delete the team altogether.
  4. To navigate back to the teams table from the individual team profile, click on the breadcrumb below your global navigation.

Now that you know how to manage teams in Naologic workspace, go ahead and create teams to improve your workspace organization and enhance team collaboration.

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