Competitors to Naologic in the Surveys space

Surveys subcategories


MailChimp is an SMB-oriented email platform. A free account is offered with a 500 subscriber limit and with a limit of 3000 sends. There are various pricing models above 500 subscribers.

Qualtrics CoreXM

Qualtrics produces three Web-based products: Research Suite, which helps companies and schools conduct their own custom-made surveys and data analysis; Site Intercept, which allows websites to get feedback from visitors; and 360, a tool to help human resource operations assess employee performance.


SurveyMonkey provides free, customizable surveys, and a suite of paid, back-end programs that include data analysis, sample selection, bias elimination, and data representation tools. SurveyMonkey also offers large-scale, enterprise options for companies interested in data analysis, brand management, and consumer focused marketing.

Formstack Forms

Formstack is an online form building solution. Its drag-and-drop web form creator gives digital marketers a tool for online data collection and engagement. Users can collect payments and pass form data to popular marketing apps through third-party integrations. With Formstack, users can capture responses, store the information and share it with their teams.


Wufoo is a web application for creating online forms. The tool automatically builds the database, backend and scripts needed making it easy to collect and understand data. Wufoo was acquired by SurveyMonkey in 2011.


Hotjar is a conversion rate optimization tool for digital marketers. Features include heatmapping, visual session recording, conversion funnel analytics, form analytics, feedback polls and surveys, and usability testing. The tool is used by digital analysts, UX designers, web developers and product marketers.


Clicktools is a cloud-based survey software. It enables business users to collect information through surveys, call scripts, and web forms; automatically centralize the data in CRM; and act on those insights to increase loyalty. The program is offered by Callidus Cloud, which in turn was acquired by SAP in 2017 when the companies formed a strategic partnership.


AskNicely in New Zealand offers their software application as a means of collecting real-time feedback from customers, touting integration with the CRM and automated workflows, the ability to integrate interaction data from popular tools and channels (e.g. Slack, Intercom, etc.), and boasting a satisfactory survey response rate superior to other survey tools.


SoGoSurvey is an online survey software solution that helps users create surveys quickly. The free package includes basic features for building surveys and the paid package includes advanced features.

Qualaroo Insights

Qualaroo Insights allows you to survey or nudge site visitors at various stages of their visit, to gather insights and generate sales leads.

GetFeedback, by SurveyMonkey

GetFeedback, now from SurveyMonkey (acquired November 2019), is a customer feedback solution designed to be easy-to-use, and measure the voice of the customer so companies can take action and provide an exceptional experience.

Alchemer, formerly SurveyGizmo

Alchemer (formerly SurveyGizmo) is an online survey tool that helps companies design surveys and collect and analyze data. Features include branding, logic & branching, mobile surveys, question types, and reporting.


Medallia is an enterprise customer feedback solution that allows companies to collect customer feedback across multiple channels and touchpoints, and analyze, understand and react to it in real time.

Zoho Survey

Zoho Surveys is a survey and form building platform with an intuitive interface able to build branched, logic-based surveys with collaborative capabilities.

123FormBuilder (formerly 123ContactForm)

123ContactForm is an online form and survey builder. Its drag and drop interface doesn't require coding skills, thus it can be used by both technical and non-technical people. The web forms can be integrated with various 3rd party apps and can be fully customized to match business or individual needs.

NICE Satmetrix

Satmetrix is survey-based customer experience management software. It contains summary and individual customer data for tracking the customer lifecycle. Individual features are net promoter scoring (NPS) surveying, automated triggers and alerts when indicants of poor customer experience or lack of engagement are present, text analytics for summarizing and understanding customer sentiment through what they say, and more. Satmetrix was acquired by NICE Systems in July 2017.


TINYpulse is an employee surveying and feedback tool. It includes employee recognition, coaching, and performance tracking functionality.


GoCanvas in Reston offers their suite of electronic forms applications to entities in manufacturing, professional services, retail, wholesale, healthcare, and other areas, emphasizing pre-built templates and the ability to customize forms to suit your specific needs, boasting automated workflows on the Professional and Enterprise editions.

Cognito Forms

Cognito Forms, from the company of the same name in South Carolina, is presented by the vendor as an easy-to-use online form builder, allowing anyone to create, publish, and manage forms, with free and paid plans. With it, users can create unlimited forms including registration forms, payment forms, and surveys without coding. Forms can be embedded directly into a website, and form submissions can be viewed from any device, any time.

FluidSurveys (Discontinued)

FluidSurveys was a survey and form building option. SurveyMonkey discontinued the product, it reached end of life (EOL) December 2017.


Submittable, headquartered in Missoula, offers their submissions management system for building out application workflows and forms, supporting grant requests, corporate giving, and other kinds of application forms with a custom review process, workflow automation, and other features.


SurveySparrow headquartered in Los Angeles offers their customizable survey platform, deployed via webpage, chatbot with conversational format, or distributable to audience segments.

Feedback Lite

Feedback Lite is a survey and customer feedback tool. Key features include Custom Surveys, Reporting Dashboard, and Website Feedback Tab.


CultureIQ is an employee performance management software solution from the company of the same name in New York.

Novi Survey

Novi Survey offers both a hosted cloud deployment and an on-premise installable survey software for businesses of any size.


LimeSurvey, a German company, offers their open source survey software, available with paid hosted and premium editions.

InMoment Voice of the Customer

InMoment's Voice of the Customer product helps companies gather customer feedback and channel it to the right individuals in the organization. InMoment was created when Empathica and Mindshare combined into one company.

Verint Enterprise Experience (formerly Verint Enterprise Feedback Management)

Verint Enterprise Experience (formerly Verint Enterprise Feedback Management) is a customer survey tool based on technology acquired with Vovici (August 2011).

Kantar Marketplace (formerly Lightspeed Research)

Kantar Marketplace (formerly Lightspeed Research) is a market research specialist offering survey engagement software and global panel management, data on-demand, and market insights.


Opinurate software is used by major brands and SMEs to capture multi-channel customer feedback (web, email, SMS and more) with industry and role-specific dashboard reporting to identify trends and pro-actively manage customer experience.


MindSwarms is a mobile video ethnography software built primarily to conduct research.


TallySpace is a poll building software deployed via browser and text message with an instant results dashboard.

Super Simple Survey

Super Simple Survey is a survey creator, allowing you to style your survey exactly as you want it and then share it. With a focus on simplicity, the survey creator allows everyone to create, style, and send out their own survey without assistance. Features are not limited by edition, so even the Free version has a complete set of functionality.


MyTaskHelper is a relational database software solution offered by MyTaskHelper.


ManyContacts is an attention-grabbing contact form sitting on top of your website that converts visitors into leads. It helps at freelancers and SMBs get more leads, bloggers grow their email list and e-Commerce owners sell more products. The bar is currently installed on more than 10,000 websites.


Obsurvey is a cloud-based survey solution that provides users with a robust analytics platform to augment the surveys, polls, and forms.

Medallia Digital (Kampyle)

Kampyle, acquired by Medallia in 2016, is the basis for Medallia Digital, a solution that combines Kampyle with Medallia's own technology to enable users to collect real-time customer feedback across digital channels, including web, mobile and in-app.

Cheetah Experiences

Cheetah Experiences (formerly Wayin), now from Cheetah Digital (acquired July 2019) is a zero-party data collection tool, providing engaging quizzes, polls, or contests to collect user and brand fan data.

Survey System

Survey System is a survey software platform available for data collection with web, telephone, and paper data collection capabilities.


Fulcrum is a hosted mobile forms platform that enables users to build custom apps for capturing information from the field. Users can design forms using the intuitive, web-based drag-and-drop designer and deploy to their mobile workforce for gathering information like Text, Photos, SpatialVideo, SpatialAudio, Signatures, Barcodes, GPS Location, and more.


MyFeelBack is a survey software with customer relationship management and marketing integrations.


EmailMeForm is a survey and form building platform with capabilities such as payment integration and advanced reporting.


CustomerGauge is a software-as-a-service platform that helps clients improve customer experiences. The system automatically measures and analyzes feedback. Some key features include: Net Promoter Score, In-depth Loyalty Analytics, and Hierarchy Based Research.

Proved. is an online survey software platform that conducts tester targeting and sourcing for clients along with dynamic dashboard capability.

ProProfs Poll Maker

ProProfs Poll Maker is a web-based poll software built to make the process of poll creation, sharing, and analytics more efficient.

Borneosoft Payment Forms

Borneosoft's easy-to-use and web based Online Forms and Cloud CRM automate sales tasks to free up more time for salespeople to focus on winning the sales. Salespeople are able to generate quotes with a single click. Small businesses can take advantage of our web based forms builder. Contact forms, registration forms, claims forms, and many other forms can be created in minutes without requiring any programming or database knowledge. Our products run on an integrated platform with a newsletter for online marketing campaign, email, team sharing, cloud folders and collaboration tools


ListenPort (formerly Critic Mania) is a mobile customer feedback management system. It allows companies to engage with customers and gather feedback via SMS.

SelectSurvey.NET provides survey creation and hosting solutions scalable to the enterprise level.


know'N'act is a mobile customer engagement platform which provides a channel for receiving real-time location-specific feedback, from the company of the same name headquartered in Seattle, Washington.


Perceptyx, from the company of the same name in Temecula, combines employee surveys and people analytics to help users see more of what’s going on in an organization, and how to drive it forward. Users can build multiple reporting demographics and linkage to performance metrics so as to discover how employee feedback is impacting the success of the business. Leaders can be provided with insights for survey items, including a self-assessment to help understand why employees may feel the way they do, recommendations for how to make improvements, and additional learning to help leaders develop in a given area.


TalentMap provides users with surveys to understand and measure employee engagement.


Surveypal is a drag-and-drop survey software with key capabilities such as collaboration, integrations with third-party applications like the Microsoft Office Suite, Google Drive, and Salesforce, and mobile accessibility.

Survey Rocket for SugarCRM

AppJetty's Survey Rocket for SugarCRM is a plugin built to create customized customer survey templates to generate customer feedback.

WonScore Pre-Employment Testing (formerly Wonderlic Employee & Customer Surveys)

Wonderlic headquartered in Vernon Hills, Illinois offers their WonScore Pre-Employment Testing platform to predict on-the-job success of a job candidate, before the interview takes place. WonScore is used to assess cognitive ability, personality, and motivation to determine the different interests and abilities that are suited to any one job description, with their AI Job Description Profile.


IgniteFeedback is a survey tool from the company of the same name in Bozeman, Montana.

Retensa TalentPulse

New York-based Retensa offers employee surveys under the name TalentPulse.


QuickTapSurvey is a survey platform that can be utilized both on- and offline with robust analytics tools.

InfoScout OmniPanel

Numerator offers InfoScout OmniPanel for retailers, allowing surveys for customer satisifaction, sale or promo research, brand and new product research, and other topics which may benefit from behavior triggered segmented customer surveys.


MemberInsight is a customer data collection and survey tool for clubs and associations, and a Jonas Software company.


Survio, a company in the Czech Republic, provides a free tool for building online survey. The vendor states the product provides plenty of ready-made survey templates, layouts and styles, and that the user can create a new survey with professional content in a few clicks. Users can view collected responses in real-time, using tables, charts, PDF reports and data files for most filetypes.

Sawtooth Lighthouse Studio

Sawtooth Software headquartered in Provo offers the Lighthouse Studio survey research tool as an advanced platform for Conjoint Analysis and MaxDiff. With it, users can create balanced experimental designs hand-in-hand with traditional survey questions.


GuildQuality, an EverCommerce brand, is customer satisfaction surveying, performance reporting, and marketing for quality-minded home builders, remodelers, and service providers.

OpenText LiquidOffice

OpenText offers LiquidOffice as a solution for users to create, publish and process forms using with their forms automation solution to help capture and validate actionable customer data, automate line of business workflows and enhance existing application ecosystems.

Altova SurveyMaker

Altova SurveyMaker aims to make it fast and easy to design professional surveys on many devices: iPhone, iPad, Android phone, Windows computer, or any web browser.


PeerAssist in Columbus offers software to help construction companies track and manage out-of-scope work. Their eforms for construction aim to decrease cost for managing paper forms in construction, ensure no forms or requests are ever lost, track progress on T&M work, and improve the user's overall processes.

Customer Thermometer

Customer Thermometer is a customer satisfaction survey customers can answer from their inbox, boasting leading response rates, from the company of the same name in Brighton.

Pabbly Plus

Pabbly is an software solution for online forms, subscription billing and email marketing solution, from Magnet Brains in Bhopal. Pabbly Plus is an all-in-one package that combines Pabbly's individual capabilities into a single product.

FocusVision Decipher

FocusVision Decipher is a survey and reporting solution that enables users to run a just-in-time quick poll, undertake a large-scale multi-country, multi-language survey or anything in-between to get close enough to customers to understand their thoughts and feelings and ensure their voice comes through in survey insights without being limited to prefabricated templates.

Google Surveys

Google Surveys is an app for custom surveys, and is part of Google Apps for Work. The insights from audience targeted surveys can be expressed in instant, easy-to-digest graphs and charts help you make sense of the survey data. Surveys natively integrates with other solutions, allowing you to use data from one product while working in another. Survey responses from real people can be sourced by Google's Opinion Rewards app, where respondents answer questions in exchange for incentives.

People Element

People Element helps users act with confidence to improve the work experience for employees and improve productivity, retention, and engagement. Their employee experience and engagement solution gives users an enduring capability to understand people and take the right actions to continuously improve the things that matter most to the success of a business.